2015 Texas Robot Roundup (TRR)


You’re invited to compete at the 2015 Texas Robot Roundup! Register today!

5th Annual Texas Robot Roundup FRC & FTC Off-Season Event
Planned and organized by the ausTIN CANs - Team 2158, Central Texas Teams and Volunteers, and Alamo FIRST!

Friday, July 31st & Saturday, August 1st

Friday Morning: FRC Practice Matches (Optional)
Friday Afternoon: FRC Qualification Matches
Saturday: Opening Ceremonies, FRC & FTC Qualification Matches, Eliminations, & Award Ceremonies
(Full Schedule - including Special Tournaments & Events, Presentations/Workshops - TBA)

Austin Convention Center - Exhibit Hall 5, 500 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX

FRC Teams: Register Here!
FTC Teams: Register Here!
Volunteers: Register Here!

FRC: 32 Teams
FTC: 18 Teams

FIRST in Texas is covering costs of teams who received Texas Workforce Commission grants this season!

Early Registration (by June 1st): $300
Regular Registration (by July 1st): $350
Pre-Rookies: Free!
2nd Robot Entries per Team: Will be consider if 32 teams have not registered by July 1st.

Early Registration (by June 1st): $50
Regular Registration (by July 1st): $75
2015-16 Season Rookies: Free!

Twitter: @TXRobotRoundup](https://twitter.com/TXRobotRoundup)

Email us at RobotRoundup@gmail.com
The TRR website will be live soon at http://trr.txfirst.org/.

We hope to see you at TRR 2015!

3999 will be there!

Any recommendations for hotels downtown?


Is there a team list yet? Will it be livestreamed?

Team list is here. http://trr.txfirst.org/Teams. I have no idea about streaming.

Yes it will be live streamed. Spectrum is helping out with it but isn’t in charge so I don’t have a link to the stream.

Thanks for running a great tournament again this year! Thanks to 2158, First in Texas and especially Jess. Congrats to the winning alliance, 118 & 624 & 457. You guys were quite the juggernaut the year! We tried to put something unique together to have a chance and got close-ish but the Crypto-nauts/Robo-nites improved every match. Exceptionally well played!

See you next year!

As usual, Team 624 had an amazing time at The Roundup. It’s always a fantastically run event, and one of the very few FRC competitions I’ve been to that seemingly always runs ahead of schedule. This year was no different. Huge thank you to everyone that had a hand, from the organization committee to the volunteers to the sponsors.

Congratulations to 118 and 457, our new drive team had an excellent time working with you. Congratulations as well to the finalist alliance, 1296, 3310, and 3735. Your robots were all amazingly creative machines, and seeing the entire field as a city of stacks after the finals matches was an awesome sight. Thank you to all the teams attending, who made it such a fun and competitive event.

Can’t wait for TRR 2016!

The Awtybots (Pre-Rookie Team) had an awesome experience. This was our third off-season event this year and we knew it was going to be the toughest for us. We had loads of fun and enjoyed working with all the teams in attendance.

Thanks to Spectrum and Blarglefish for having us be apart of your alliance. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get all the pieces working together at the same time but overall, just making it to the quarterfinals at TRR helped us achieve one of our goals the students had for the event.

The students are already excited for next year. All they could talk about is how they couldn’t wait until next year to compete again on the ride back to Houston. Thanks to all the teams for making this event a great one and we can’t wait to see everyone again next year!!

The 5th annual TRR was another success! Congrats to all the volunteers and teams that make TRR amazing.

special shoutout to three teams at TRR.
6587 (Awty ) - the best pre-rookie performance of any team in Texas history!
1477 (Texas Torque) - re-built for TRR and they keep showing growth every event.
3735 (KleinBots) - another re-built robot for TRR and these guys put it together making the finals again

The big positives of TRR:

  1. The Austin Convention Center has room for 50+ teams.
  2. The stands can hold hundreds of people (equivalent to a full regional)
  3. Teachers or Mentors may attend NI week happening simultaneously
  4. Austin is a fun city to visit

Saw an article posted on KXAN’s website.

Full results are on TBA.

Hopefully full video is coming soon.

On behalf of 2789, I would like to thank all the volunteers and supporting organizations that helped to put this marvelous event together, as well as all of the teams that shared a great time with us!

Special shoutout goes to our 7th seed alliance partners, 4335 The Metallic Clouds of Waco and 4610 Team BearTec from Bastrop! We set out to work together, do our best, have fun and do goofy things to our robots, and I would say that as an alliance we were a great success!