2015 Tie Breaker Use

I have done an analysis of the tie breakers used in Recycle Rush.

There are two kinds of tie breakers that I examined. The first is the tie breaker in ranking. This is outlined in section 5.3.4 in the manual. The process sorts teams first by their qualification average. The tie breakers are total accumulated coopertition points, autonomous points, container points, tote points and litter points, in that order. My analysis occurred after the event, meaning I did not observe tie breakers while ranks were still fluctuating.

The second is the tie breaker in the playoff rounds. These are detailed in section 5.4.3. The alliances are sorted primarily by their average score from the latches in that level. The tie breakers are the accumulated points on that level of autonomous points, container points, tote, litter. Sadly, I was only able to obtain if a tie occurred from the average score, but I was unable to determine what tie breaker was used.

Attached are pie charts of each week and the entire season that show how many of each tie breaker was used. There are also bar graphs that show the amount of tie breakers used per week.

In addition, here are some interesting facts:

  • The only time the tote point tie breaker was used was at SBPLI Ling Island in Week 5.
  • Team 5534 won Highest Rookie Seed Award at Traverse City based on the coop point tie breaker.
  • Over 3/4 of ties were broken by coopertition points, the first level tie breaker.
  • There were 30 events that did not require the ranking tie breaker.
  • Four of the 28 events that had 10 matches per team did not require the ranking tie breaker. 23 of the 61 events that had 12 matches per team did not require the ranking tie breaker. Three of the three events that had 13 matches per team did not require the ranking tie breaker.

I have more data regarding the teams and ranks involved in the ties. I do not see any fun information stored in there.

Additional attachments since CD limits each post to 5.

One more that shows the tie breaker usage in the playoffs by week.