2015 Waterloo Regional

Waterloo is going to start in a few days - here is the list of teams:

216	More RoboDawgs	Grandville, MI, USA

244	RoboDawgs 3D	Grandville, MI, USA

288	The RoboDawgs	Grandville, MI, USA

329	Raiders	Medford, NY, USA

865	Warp7	Toronto, ON, Canada

1114	Simbotics	St. Catharines, ON, Canada

1241	THEORY6	Mississauga, ON, Canada

1285	The Big Bang	Mississauga, ON, Canada

1305	Ice Cubed	North Bay, ON, Canada

1334	Red Devils	Oakville, ON, Canada

1676	The Pascack PI-oneers	Montvale, NJ, USA

2056	OP Robotics	Stoney Creek, ON, Canada

2702	REBotics	Kitchener, ON, Canada

2935	NACI Robotics	Toronto, ON, Canada

3161	Tronic Titans	Oakville, ON, Canada

3683	Team Dave	Waterloo, ON, Canada

4039	MakeShift Robotics	Hamilton, ON, Canada

4083	The Iron Wolverines	Dorchester, SC, USA

4308	ABSOLUTE	Mississauga, ON, Canada

4617	DAUN ( Dumbledore's Army of United Nerds)	London, ON, Canada

4618	CN Robotics	Stoney Creek, ON, Canada

4678	CyberCavs	Breslau, ON, Canada

4807	JV Jags	Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

4907	Thunderstamps	St. Thomas, ON, Canada

4917	Sir Lancer Bots	Elmira, ON, Canada

4939	Allspark9	Brampton, ON, Canada

4943	Royals Redneck Robots	Shelburne, ON, Canada

5158	Richmond Hill	Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

5406	Celt-X	Hamilton, ON, Canada

5719	Titans	Toronto, ON, Canada

I know 4917 is very excited about the competition - we’re looking forward to being a part of such a strong competition again. Can’t wait to see how it goes!

I am very excited to be making the trip from Detroit, MI on Saturday to come see the competition.

I hope for a good competition for my teams and the other teams there, and a special hope that my dads truck doesn’t get stolen again! Hahaha. Good luck to all! Cant wait to watch.

Did anyone notice the match schedule? 2056 and 1114 are together twice. Match 14 and match 20. Its looking good for a new record breaking high score.

Be sure to watch the webcast! We’re broadcasting both full field and a mixed video stream. http://www.watchfirstnow.com/live

Watching the first match, 1114 going to be hard to beat at Worlds…

Did anyone see the co-op stack that wasn’t counted in match #3? It is at about 2:07:30 in the Waterloo normal field stream (here). I know of the “3-second of free-standing”, but do those 3 seconds have to occur DURING the match and can’t be after the ending of the match? The stack was clearly finished before the end of the match, and didn’t seem to have anything wrong with it, but wasn’t counted on the final score.
It did look like there was a possibility of the stack being supported by one of the grey totes next to it, but wouldn’t there still be a co-op SET counted?
Does anyone have an idea of why this might have happened?

They clarified afterwards that the coop stack did count.

That’s good. It just didn’t show up with the “final” score and what was immediately posted (they probably announced it over the speakers, but I’m watching the stream muted). I thought that co-op stack was pretty incredible because it seemed it was started at ~15 seconds from the end, and 2056 put the 3 on at about 5 seconds; just in time.

I hope everyone is ready for match 14.

How are 1114 and 2056 partners in back-to-back qualification matches?

There are 30 teams in attendance, and each team gets 13 qual matches. That means there are 26 spots for partners…

Given that who you are competing “against” doesn’t matter this year, why would the match making algorithm possibly come up with a schedule with this quirk?

Last year, at a 36-team event, we played against 107 in three consecutive matches.

Hold on I have something for this


I knew it would be useful one day…

Waterloo is always fun to watch…

e.g. QM16, 1676,2702,1285 and 5406 4917 1334 just put up 138 and 148 points during day 1 of qualifications.

Dat intensity.

The schedule isn’t random, though. There are parameters that are used by FMS to generate the schedule. Things like minimum turnaround time for teams between matches can make it difficult to get a full sampling of alliance combinations.

284 points


Are we going to see 300+ this weekend? Can’t see how 1114 + 2056 + ____ won’t cross that.

wow… 252 just put up… im VERY impressed with the level of competition at waterloo

1114’s qualification average is now higher then the old world record high score.

5406 is a phenomenal rookie team.

Here’s HD full-field footage of the record-breaking match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTz0ezZKMHQ