2015 WildStang reveal/season update

WildStang is proud to (finally!) reveal our robot for 2015 - our 20th season!

A reveal in mid-April?

In all honesty, we have not had time to get a photo up before now!

This year has been challenging for our team, a year of transformation and change. A number of the changes have brought some unique and new challenges and constraints. These include:

  • Moving quickly to a new, much (much!) smaller build location (shared woodwork classroom), with desk space (for CAD, software) far removed from the build space
  • Having to throw out 2/3 of our tools/benches/resources during the move
  • 65 students, 7 technical mentors
  • Storing all our things in a shipping container outside our build space, requiring a daily load-in, loud-out (through winter cold and snow)
  • Reduced weekly build hours

But through all this, the team has worked hard to look past the challenges and work within the constraints, aiming to produce a robot that can play competitively at a high level - complete with an appropriate number of weight holes. Each competition has seen us make some changes, and we improved through each regional. After two semi-finals finishes this year, ending in 3rd and 4th place, we are pretty happy so far.

Pretty happy?

WildStang is never done. You know that. :slight_smile: Continuous improvement is our middle name. All of us. It’s a requirement of joining the team.

We have spent the last week making tweaks, improvements and small additions (small, long-reaching additions, if you know what I mean…), and will be spending the remaining time practicing and fine tuning, ready to come out lifting fast at Champs.

It looks like you guys responded extremely well to the changes. 166 faced some major changes back when I was a student 10 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long already…), and we struggled mightily in that first season.

Good work to you all and best of luck moving forward!

may I ask what was the impetus for this change?

In short, our long-time sponsor and host of our build space, Motorola, had a need for our space, and could not provide another place for us. The school district was able to find us space at late notice. Even though it is not ideal, we are very grateful to have it.

We are also very grateful to Motorola for providing a build space for us as long as they have!

You guys have faced a whole lot of tough challenges this season, and still made a robot not only capable of putting up strong scores, but still had your signature aesthetic. The fact that you still made an excellent robot in the face of these massive obstacles is a testament to the perseverance and determination of a team that is truly a team.

Good luck in St. Louis! Thanks for your help at Midwest when we were troubleshooting/repairing our robot. We appreciated the loan of a drill bit, but the shot of can-do spirit and gracious professionalism that went along with it made a real impression, especially on the younger kids.

Our 160 pt. match with you guys and 4296 was the highlight of our season – I hope we cross paths again next year. :slight_smile:

It was a good match, good luck at worlds! Can’t wait to see the can burglar.