2015 Wisconsin Regional

I didn’t’ see a thread for the Wisconsin Regional so I thought to myself; self, cook one of those up! So here it is and post away competing teams!!! Good Luck to all![/FONT]

2338 is excited to compete with Wisconsin’s best! Check out some of the improvents we’ve been making here! http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=135857

Team 2169 is excited to compete and test out some improvements we have made since Duluth!

2826 is extremely excited to debut our robot this weekend in Milwaukee. Look for our reveal video in about 50 min.

Good luck to all teams competing this weekend.

2470 is ready to have fun at their first competition of the year!

Live stream will be available here:


If teams are willing, please post a pic of your robot.

C.O.R.E. 2062 can’t wait to see all our friends in Milwaukee. http://youtu.be/CVDlusNzG9k

Just a teaser, lots of improvements since week 6

Excited for the competition, We have not been to Wisconsin since 2012 and had great time then.

Does anyone have a list of teams competing that already have qualified for champs?

I know 2526, 93, 4818 and 1714 have already qualified.

93- Lake superior Regional winner
1714- Lake Superior Chairman’s Award
2526- Lake Superior Regional Winner
4818- Lake Superior Regional Winner

It is Kind of cool that we have the entire winning alliance of Lake Superior going to wisconsin, Along with I believe 2 Finalists.

Robo Riot is really looking forward to seeing all the teams in Milwaukee, and to the 2015 recycle rush competition.

Less than 24 hours till pits open to kick off the 2015 Wisconsin Regional. Cant wait to see all the teams and play Recycle Rush. Best off luck to all.

To anyone without plans for scouting, 1732 would like to offer our scouting data in exchange for scouting wristbands. Feel free to PM me or come visit our pit!

Can someone post youtube link to day two webcast? The ones found through YT search do not work.

Please go ask them for help, this is painful to watch.

So painful. Well, atleast to hear. I dont think I’ve ever heard anyone ask for time to think about accepting or declining.

Yeah, that was a new one.