2015... year of the pun?

With this year’s game pieces and buzz words, it’s absurdly easy to make puns. “Totes” alone is bad enough, but “Bins” and “Stacks” are also easy targets. Even the darn noodles can be punned with (hence the term "pool"itics).

Our team can’t seem to go an hour without someone dropping a new pun, and lots of them are accidental, too: “Well, our success in alliance selections really depends on how we **stack up **against the other guys …DARN IT!”
Even when someone repeats a pun, that means the joke’s been “recycled”.

This abundance of puns is crazy compared to previous years. What are your best ones for Recycle Rush?

Not a pun so much as a funny moment: prototyping with the recycling bin outside, and people walking by the shop on the way to other things would pass. At some point, one of our students noticed someone dropping trash in the bin, and pointed it out. We checked to find a half empty soda, and various other things. It wasn’t even recycling:).

This is my tenth season in FRC; over these ten years, every year I think I’ve heard the worst pun, the one that truly takes the cake. But they keep coming. So just when I think I’ve heard the one to end them all …

No pun in ten did.

On Monday, a piece of paper was taped over the opening of our recycling container with the text “Not for trash”, or something like that, for this very reason. The extra trash may have made it harder for Team oRyon to get Betelgeuse to lift the stacks

There are literally an infinite number of puns that have bin or could be made about this game. I am totes ready for them to stop being recycled because they did seem sort of rushed when they were first made.

TL;DR: Dump them in a landfill.

Here at Blue Cheese we are always into puns. Some are gouda and some a whey bad…

I thought we just got mad about people saying “toting the totes”? I mean… that tote pun was totes a bad idea… If we had bin more careful about recycling some of these puns… maybe we wouldn’t be littering CD with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we container our selves? We are littering this thread with bad jokes.

At Championships:

“Man, this division seems really stacked”

I’m going to keep an eye on this thread for puns to drive my team crazy with.

Not quite the pun you were looking for but…

Our robot needs to Caerphilly stack totes, so we can have a Gouda alliance, that whey, we can Brie the best we can Brie

Team 2412, the Robototes, made off like bandits with puns this year.

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As a member of the Robototes, I can confirm that many a pun has been made with the name this year. We’re even thinking of special tshirts this year just for the pun.

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We’re all waiting for the robot that uses a tote as a chassis.

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If we refer to the containers as “cans” then the puniness amplifies to absurd levels. that, and also CAN bus will be more popular this years than ever before

“when CAN we expect the electrical to be operational?”
“CAN it be done?”
“do you think you CAN score in time?”
“what CAN your robot do?”

I totes agree. This year stacks up well in the pun division. I need to make sure I step up my game in order to level up. I don’t want to be too autonomous; I must remain driven. I don’t want others to (lab)view me as CADding around. I don’t want to foul; hopefully, someone can coach me through it. Chute, I should probably can it right now. This game is (recycle) rushing me to have bin recycling too many puns.

I agree, we’re all too rushed to toss away litter to promote recycling. It’s just that at times, the alliances will (litter)ly be stacked, it will just be totes crazy.

First, teaching students it tote matter if you litter, bin just tote get caught cause you are supposed to be recycling!

I really want the Girls of Steel to make a button that says “Yes, we CAN.”

Personally, I look forward to several pun-themed buttons at competitions this year :smiley:

You know what, that’s a great idea. You just watch, it’s going to use pool noodles as wheels as well. I think the design is going to make it to Einstein.