2016-17 FIRST Rookie FRC Grants

Hello fellow rookie team founders!

Has anyone either received their FIRST rookie grant or heard anything about it? Our team and members are getting worried that we won’t be able to compete this season without charging members large dues because we still haven’t gotten word on whether or not we will receive the grant this season. If you have seen or heard something please let us know! Our members won’t sign up in STIMS until they are sure that the team will be able to compete this season.

Thanks for your help!

If the past is any guide, look for those around the time the NASA Grants are announced.

The reason that we are so uneasy is that FIRST said that they would revealed earlier this week. We still haven’t heard anything, either a YES or a NO.

Been there, man. Hang in there.


This. When 4901 was a rookie, they held off the rookie grants until the day after the NASA grants were announced and seemed to be structuring it so teams that got the NASA grant wouldn’t get this one.

Along this line, anyone get info on the Abbott Fund grants? Supposed to get notified by 11/11, and I’m not seeing a single post about it anywhere.

Just checked. I’m still seeing the “Submitted by you” and “Submission response sent to you” in my Submittable portal, so nothing new.

If it’s the same as in past seasons, both NASA grants and FRC Rookie grants are restricted to being used for initial registration only (up until this year Boeing grants were also restricted in that manner). So a team who received more than one of these grants would only be able to use one and have to decline the others.

Thus, FRC tries to award rookie grants to teams who did not receive the NASA grants so they don’t go unused.

I didn’t want to put this in the initial post, but this was not the rule in 2014; I believe the FRC Rookie Grant only said “registration” that year. 4901 got NASA in a second wave, after the initial list went up but also after we got the Rookie Grant. FIRST removed the Rookie Grant from our account, we pointed out they weren’t incompatible, they agreed we were right but asked if we’d let it go since several teams were still working on money the week after the deadline. (We did let it go.)