2016 Administrative Manual???

Any word on the release of the 2016 Administrative Manual? It’s usually out by now.
I know Kickoff is a week later than usual this coming year, but we still are in the window when the Administrative Manual is released.

It’s not much help, but on the Competition Manual page it just says

The Administrative Manual is usually available a few weeks prior to Kickoff.

Quality FIRST website design…’

Seriously though, it would be nice to start getting the manuals, i’m starting to get restless…

It was December 12 last year (probably why Mr Bill brought the topic up now)
Software Downloads and Administrative Manual Release

Exactly correct.

Now, with Kickoff being the second Saturday in January, I guess that means FIRST might release it on Dec. 18th this year.

Also, when will they tell us the dimensions of the kits? Our surrogate has at least three to pick up.

Last year they published the KOP dimensions on Dec 10 when they began shipping the Kits from the warehouse.

The kit’s been pretty much the same size for years.
One tote for veterans, two for rookies, plus Kit chassis box and random loose items.

You can use last year’s dimensions as an approximate guide.

But last year you also had to fit a trash can in your car.

And a five-foot pole (which turned out to be a green solid-core pool noodle).

I remember reading into that so much. I was convinced we were either playing golf, hockey, or fencing.

from what i heard this year is that a handcart is seriously reccomended, not that rumors need to be here, but i really need something to start reading…

Citation needed. Please? :smiley:

(I really just want hints already)

Came from an email my mentor got from the hosts of the local kickoff we are going to.

Do people not always bring a handcart? We have 2 and use them every year.

Handcart required means hard to push robots. Hard to push robots means no wheels. No wheels means other means of propulsion. Other means of propulsion means propellers. Propellers mean water. WATER GAME CONFIRMED!!!


Just for reference, those totes are pretty heavy. And awkward/bulky to boot. The reason for the handcart is so you can get your KOP to the car without hurting your team members, particularly if parking is any distance away. Trust me, a wheeled conveyance (that you can later use under your robot if required) can save a lot of sore students.

If you brought a small student, they could fit in the trash can on the way back from kickoff, with very little additional space occupied.

A 2 wheel cart is highly recommended – I bring my old luggage cart that was used to carry this portable computer through many airports.

As a kickoff host, we tell our teams that every year (probably at FIRST’s suggestion, if I remember correctly). I wouldn’t read anything into it.

Has there been any update on when the Manual will be announced? We are less than 3 weeks away from kickoff.