2016 BOM Template?

I’m a Rookie member on my team and I need help researching this year’s BOM. I can’t seem to find the template on FIRST’s official site and I’ve done some digging but still can’t find it. Can someone please help me? It’d be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: Thanks!

It’s best to use the search feature when looking for things like this as there was another thread on this not long ago

The name of the Bill of materials has been changed in 2016 to the Cost Accounting Worksheet (CAW).

It is the same as in previous seasons, except this year teams do not have to report individual COTS items that are less than $5 USD each( or KOP items, but has been like this for a while).

The link is available on at the bottom of the linked thread

Good luck with the CAW, I found that doing the CAW is a good way to learn about all the different COTS parts available.

You can send me a PM if you are having trouble identifying any parts, but I’m sure you won’t need to!

Thank you; I really appreciate it! (As for the whole search thing, I apologize. Every time I looked it up it gave me an error page, although that’s most likely my computer’s fault and not the site itself.) Once again, thank you so much!

Good luck to you and your team:)