2016 Bumper Rules Threads(Using Rhino track drive module/am-3322)

Hello we are team 4229,

We were recently looking at the 5th rule update (https://firstfrc.blob.core.windows.net/frc2016manuals/TeamUpdates/05.pdf)

We were wondering about about the front portion of the treads (3.75 inches). The updated picture showed a bumper that did not exceed 8 inches because the side of the perimeter did not exceed 8 inches (4.7 bumper rules figure 4-3 lower right corner of the robot ).

Is it legal to have a bumper be shorter than 8 inches because the side is shorter than 8 inches or do you need to extend the bumper 8 in even though the frame perimeter does not go 8 inches?

Yes, the bumper would need to be 8 inches. The front of both Rhino modules together forms one side and as such needs at least 8in of bumper at the corner. Follow the link below for a solution that appears to meet the definition of the bumper rules

As mentioned already, the frame perimeter is determined by the outer most vertices of your actual, physical robot. Gaps or openings in your physical frame do not affect the frame perimeter, so if we assume you have to rhino tracks with a decent gap between them, you will still need 8" of bumper.

Since you’re a local team here, please feel free to PM me if you’d like me to stop by your shop sometime to discuss it in person with your robot in front of us, or any other robot rules you may be unsure about!