2016 CAD model

Heres a look at a CAD model of our robot this year still work in progress.

Im assuming the motors in the center for your drive are CIM’s, and the motors at the back are also CIM’s for the arm. What motors are you using in the front for the intake? rollers.

Were you planning to CAD in a shooter, or is it a defensebot?

yes this is just an early design but the shooter will be added to the model once we figure out how we will mount it.

Are those the 8" Andymark pneumatic wheels or something else?

The wheels are custom made 13" pneumatic wheels.

Nice! Do you know where your center-of-gravity is and how far you can tip fore/aft before falling over? (or alternatively, how fast you can accelerate/stop without tipping)? Those 13" wheels look great, but they also make it hard to get a decent wheel-base length.

Is the 4-bar intended to be a scaling mechanism? If so, how do you plan on reaching the bar in terms of the lateral extension required? How do you intend to support the weight of your robot once scaled?