2016 Carver Subdivision

Rookie team 5920 VIKotics excited to be on Carver.

1902 is excited to be taking the field on carver next weekend! Lots of fantastic teams!

Shouldn’t carver have some surrogates or am I just not seeing them?

I’m super excited to see the Carver list! It looks like a ton of fun. :slight_smile:

5326 isn’t on frc.divisions.co But is on the official FIRST Lists.

thanks, they were a late add

Team 1529 here and ready to soar. Go CyberCards

This is the friends division for me, because almost all of the teams I know first hand are in this division.

Curtin FRC 5333 is excited and ready for battle. Looking forward to some very good matches.

Should be a very interesting division. Will be exciting to see how it all plays out. Not looking forward to our first three matches though. :eek:

Quick rundown of the OPR spread for this division. OPR taken from 2834 OPR data.

Team 1648 is excited to be in the Carver division! Hoping to showcase some improvements from state champs.

4301 is super excited to be competing with all the wonderful teams in Carver Subdivision! It looks like it’s going to be a really fun weekend!

5980 is ready to ‘Make Carver Great Again’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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It will be the FireBears team 2846’s first champs! We’ll have fun playing with you all.

Also, I made a quick Anki deck of the robots from the photos on Blue Alliance if you wish to use it :smiley:


4607 can’t wait to defend and climb our way through Carver! We have a ton of fun matchups with many of the top scorers. Can’t wait to go toe-to-toe and see how things stack up. :yikes:

AIR STRIKE 78 is ready to make shots in Carver!

For those not familiar with us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3oBpWDyqKg

Viper Drive is honored and ready to compete for the Carver Division Title. Good luck to all the teams and we look forward to being part of the alliance.

Here’s a short highlight video that I threw together for 4607. I’m pumped that we get to compete with so many high class teams. I’m really looking forward to talking with many of you while I’m inspecting.

Highlight Video

A little bit about 4607:

  • Low Bar Capable
  • Max height blocker + we can reach 15" outside our frame perimeter to block
  • We have our best driver (and drive team) in team history
  • Robust robot, the only thing we’ve had break has been our climbing hook, but the issue has since been fixed
  • Cross in Autonomous, working on scoring
  • High Goal/Low Goal capable
  • ~9 second climb from the time we reach the batter (improvements for the climber to be implemented at champs)

5870 ready to represent Canada and tear it up!

FRC 1086 Blue Cheese is packed and ready to roll.