2016 Carver Subdivision

228 will be there! I’ll get a recent picture up after work.

Some stuff about us:

  • Crosses all defenses quickly (except drawbridge, and the moat is a bit sketch)
  • Huge utility arm is a piece of lexan away from being an articulated shot blocker
  • Flywheel shooter with articulated hood can score high around the batter (outer works is… in the works)
  • Drop down intake and experienced drivers make us good at starving balls from the field
  • Like everyone else, we’re working on a hanging mechanism
  • >10 lbs to work with even before weight reduction techniques

We had a pretty good season this year, winning the Rhode Island District Event by playing smart and getting lucky, so hopefully we can continue that on Carver.

very nice video, lots of capability. Good luck in St Louis

4451 has packed up our garage and is ready play in the Carver division!

Here’s a few robot features we’ve used this season:

  • External ball intake
  • Internal 2 wheel / 2 angle shooter with speed control for multiple high goal distances
  • Camera aiming
  • 10 wheel single speed drive train
  • Cross all defenses solo except Category C
  • Gyro assisted steering for crossing defenses
  • Low bar autonomous with high goal shot
    We’ve made a few modifications to add a bit more variety for our alliances.
  • Added batter shot and outer works shot
  • Added autonomous crossing and shooting for defense positions 2 through 5

See you Wednesday.


I believe in the underdog! Here’s to all the underdogs! Cinderellas too! They make for great stories when the upset the predictions! Cheers to a great divisional competition!

Team 360 is prepared for the fierce competition to come. We wish all the best of luck.

I think our bot best speaks for itself when you see it in person. We do what we do, and we do it well. Infer what you will.

Go Carver

Thanks that seems to fit our little rookie team VIKotics 5920. We had hoped to make the PNW Championship and now we are at the BIG DANCE. Excited to play and learn from everyone on Carver.

Here are some bogus predictions for the fun of it:

  1. 2481 1114 1775 360 (SF)
  2. 842 330 4451 4607 (F)
  3. 230 5460 3419 3478 (QF)
  4. 27 359 85 4536 (W)
  5. 133 3536 3452 834 (QF)
  6. 78 3357 141 1305 (SF)
  7. 1836 1086 2767 120 (QF)
  8. 503 1058 20 910 (QF)

5822 is excited and ready to compete

I’m honored by your confidence in our ability to be effective at not playing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or did you just want another MN team on Einstein…

Another prediction: A majority of the 4th robots on playoff alliances will see some playing time. I’d love to see another Minnesota robot on Einstein! I’d especially love for that robot to come from Carver :cool:

That’s awesome!!!

Very excited to be on this field with so many great teams! I can’t wait to compete in the Carver Subdivision, though I have one small item request.

Our team is in need of green halo LED ring lights for our vision processing system. If you are able to help us out we would be very appreciative! Please respond to this post if you’re able to help and we’ll come to your pit as soon as we are able to.

Thank you for your time and good luck to all!

Team 503 is ready to hop into our matches and shake things up a bit with a few improved features

How’s everybody feeling after the first day of qualifications?

4607 is ecstatic. We’ve shut down most of the robots we’ve gone against, including a match were we prevented an alliance from getting a single boulder in the tower. Look for us to climb more consistently tomorrow, changing some gear ratios :smiley:

Trying to prop up your stock value come pick time a bit? :stuck_out_tongue:

If everyone was shut down, I am not sure you would only be 3-2… :smiley:

Absolutely. I’m going to talk up my team, especially when I think we do a good job. I’m a proud mentor and alumni. I’m actually very happy with our 3-2 record given our match schedule. We beat a couple of fantastic alliances, and fantastic teams.

Thanks for the added motivation. Good luck with the rest of the event!

Carver Predictions!

330-1114-2648-360 F
2767-27-834-3452 SF
133-2481-1058-228 W
842-1836-141-190 SF

I don’t actually know the teams in Carver that well but I couldn’t resist anyway

I mean one of the best robots in FIM is 2-3 so… your record doesn’t show the whole story.

Agreed! Just don’t like chatter that is solely meant as an attempt to prop up someone’s stock (comes across as “pick me pick me”…many good teams, including theirs in this division!