2016 Chairman's Award Winners

I’ve put together a spreadsheet for this year’s winners on Google Drive. It’s almost identical to last year’s but with the new events and Districts added, and some small formatting changes. You can find this year’s spreadsheets at the bottom of this post.

Of note this year:

Last year I had some fantastic students and mentors help me keep the spreadsheet up to date, in addition to dozens of comments correcting errors and adding information. In particular I’d like to thank Jacob Bendickson, Brendan Marshall, and Karthik Kanagasabapathy for adding information. This year, I am looking for other people to add information. It would be great to have someone from each District area to add information to those events. PM me if you would like to do this for your area.

One of the things I’d really love to do is collect the number of teams submitting at each event. This requires someone at the event who can see the schedule for presentations, so in order to collect that information, I need someone from every event to find that information. If you are able to find that information for your event, please post here or PM me. I am planning to be at the Lake Superior/Northern Lights Regionals, Iowa, and MN North Star/MN 10K Lakes regionals, so I don’t need anyone to cover those, but for any other events, we need someone!

I’m also going to do a little Chairman’s Preview the Wednesday before each week for Regional and DCMP events, other than this week for Palmetto (sorry!). Unfortunately I’m not omniscient, but my previews will be based on previous years’ performance and my knowledge of the teams at each event. It’s quite possible I’ll miss some stuff, but my goal isn’t to predict the winners each week, it is to provide in broad strokes who is likely to be competitive for the award at events, so you don’t have to do all the research yourself. If you find yourself missing from my preview, please don’t take it personally-- I’m human and I can’t cover everyone!

Lastly, best of luck to all teams competing for Chairman’s at their events! Submitting for the Chairman’s Award is in my opinion a core part of the experience of FRC, and I hope you’re learned about yourself and your team by doing it.

2016 Chairman’s Award Winners

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An update on events that are covered for #of teams submitting:

Lake Superior, Northern Lights, 10K Lakes, North Star, Iowa, Central Illinois, Midwest. 2/4 Peachtree District events + DCMP.

Jacob and Karthik have graciously offered to help out again with filling in the spreadsheet, so thanks again guys! This means I’m still looking for contributors from CHS, MAR, NE, and FiM in particular (this isn’t to knock the other areas, it’s just that those are the ones with a lot of events).

Again, please PM me or post if you can find the number of submissions at an event you are attending. In particular, I’m looking for someone at Palmetto and at each Week 1 event right now (San Diego, GTR Central, Israel). Please let me know if you can find the info from one of those events!

I can for sure help out with Greater Pittsburgh.

Excellent, thank you!

From now on, I’ll be marking whether an event is covered in the column next to the event name. “Covered” in this case means someone is collecting the number of presenters at that event. Feel free to comment there instead of or in addition to posting here/PMing me if you can get the number of presenters for an event.

Thank you to everybody who has offered their help with this project so far. You all are why the FRC community is so awesome!

I can cover SanDiego and Sac

Excellent. I already have someone at Sacramento, but didn’t have anyone confirmed for San Diego yet. Thank you for collecting that data!

Ill cover Israel

I can cover MICEN (3), MILIV (4), and MILSU (5). I’ll also see about Southfield (1), Kettering #2 (2), and Ann Arbor Skyline (6) if I end up going.

Excellent! I think that means we have all of the Week One regionals covered. Thank you for doing this!

Thank you! I’ll mark those all down.

We’re still looking for people to report number of submissions at the following District events week one:
Northern Virginia [CHS]
Mt. Olive, Hatboro-Horsham [MAR]
Kettering #1, Southfield, Standish-Sterling, Waterford [FiM]
Guilford [NC]
Waterbury, Granite State [NE]
Auburn-Mountain View, West Valley [PNW]

If you are attending one of those events, all we need is the number of submissions! I know I’ve said thank you a bunch already, but seriously, more people contributing to this makes it easier for everyone involved, so thank you to everyone contributing again!

For row #2, Palmetto, shouldn’t it say 4, not 3 for total wins, and 3, not 2 for the ‘streak’ ?

I can get Granite State and Reading in NE, I’ll see what else I can do beyond that. I’ll talk to Brendan M as well, I’m sure he’ll want to help again.

If I can be of any help, our team will be at Waterbury, UMass Dartmouth, and Hartford in NE District.

Excellent, I’ll mark those as covered-- remember, the only number I really need from you is the number of teams who submitted for Chairman’s at your events.

Indeed you are correct! Thank you for pointing that out.

If anyone else notices issues or inconsistencies now or in future months, feel free to comment directly on the spreadsheet. Same goes if you can cover an event.

Thank you all for your help!

Nick, I can cover AZ North & Colorado! Also, let me know if you need help with anything else, I’d love to contribute!

Yeah, that was my fault. I forgot to include the current year in those numbers.

For number of submissions, do you mean total at start of season or total presenters?

Excellent! I have someone getting info for each of those events, but redundancy is good! Thank you for offering to help!

The data that is easiest for us non-judges to get is who actually presented at the event. I woke up today to a couple PMs from people with access to how many teams are submitting for Chairman’s at future events, so I’m adding those as “preliminary” numbers (since it’s definitely useful to have on there), but ultimately I’d like how many teams actually submitted at the event.

He Nick,

Great initiative! We (Team Rembrandts) are participating in the NYR and TVR in week 2 and 3. We have some connections within the organisation and I would like to contribute in get you the required data.
This is our first year @ the NYC and TVR and also the first year that we have submitted for chairmans so I don’t know what I am getting myself in to but I am confident that I can get you the data. Atleast the total presenters, I am not sure about the preliminary numbers yet.
I will PM you as soon as I got a response!

Excellent! Thank you for helping out, and good luck submitting for the first time! I hope you find it to be as rewarding an experience as I do.

Thank you, it is already rewarding for us as it helps us structurize while working towards our ultimate goal: the first ever EU FRC regional in 2018 ;).

And glad I can help, I will get back to you as soon as I have news.