2016 Chairman's Award Winners

I can cover MAR-HH (1), MAR-SCH (3), & MAR-Westtown (5).

Granite State District Event Chairmans(NE):

Teams who Competed for Chairmans: 78, 88, 131, 811, 1517, 1729, 2342, 3566, 3958, 4905, 5422

Winner: 4905 (Andromeda One)

Founded: 2013, but that was so we could compete in our rookie year in 2014. So 2013 was the actual year the team started, our rookie competition year was 2014.

Location: Ayer and Shirley, Massachusetts

Wins in the past 5 years: 2 (including this one)

Total Chairmans wins: 2

PPW: 0

First Time: No, won in '15 in Reading

Current streak: 2

Video Link To Come! Congrats to all NE teams who competed this week!

Congratulations to all the week one winners! I believe we have every team that won in week one other than Israel, which hasn’t happened yet. We are missing the number of teams who submitted in the following district events: Northern Virginia, Hatboro-Horsham, Kettering, Guilford, and West Valley. If you know how many teams submitted at those events, please contact me!

We’re still looking for people to collect the number of submissions at the following events during week 2:

Arkansas Rock City
Los Angeles
Greater Kansas City
St. Louis
Mexico City
Central Valley

CHS: Greater DC, Southwest Virginia
IND: Tippencanoe
FIM: All covered! (other than maybe Kettering 2)
NC: Wake
PCH: Covered!
PNW: Covered!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the sheet so far! I hope you’re all finding it useful.

I don’t know who all submitted at Kettering #1 but…

1322 won. 2nd time, 1st was at Escanaba in 2015.

I can cover Kansas City.

Congratulations to the SOTABOTS (Team 2557) for their District Chairman’s win at the Auburn Mountainview District in PNW!!


Thanks, like I said, we have all the teams that won now, it’s just the number of teams (that submitted) I’m looking for. Congrats to 1322!

Excellent, thank you!

Is it worth tracking Engineering Inspiration, too?

Unlike Chairman’s, Engineering Inspiration is much more… difficult to predict. Any team at the event is eligible for it, and how it is awarded varies based on region. One of the main purposes of this sheet is to provide some sort of base “scouting” data for team competing for Chairman’s at the Championship event.

What it really comes down to though is that I have a limited amount of time and I’d like to focus on Chairman’s. If you’d like to track EI, I’d definitely encourage you to do so-- it’s just that, for me, right now, I’m swamped between all my other FIRST stuff and getting a degree.

Also, congrats on winning EI in San Diego, you guys definitely deserve it!

I can cover Kettering #2 if it’s still needed. I have a list of teams who submitted.

Mumble mumble… Trust me, Chairman’s varies heavily based on region…

Definitely would love that info! Send it our way!

I’ll definitely agree that there are some pretty obvious (and major) regional variances, but Chairman’s winners seem less likely to come out of absolutely nowhere than EI (at least, at events I’ve seen).

I agree! There are very drastic differences with both awards, but Chairman’s is much easier to at least narrow down to a few teams no matter which event you go to, where as EI sometimes comes out of nowhere (which isn’t a bad thing, just an observation). There are obviously outliers and exceptions with both of these, however.

From what I’ve observed, it often comes out of nowhere because teams that have never submitted Chairman’s before/are submitting seriously for the first time often do not win Chairman’s right off the bat.

This is where those regional differences come in-- for some areas, EI often looks like second place Chairman’s. In others they seem entirely separable. I’ve seen teams that submit every year for Chairman’s win EI and teams that have never and aren’t ever planning on submitting. It’s a much harder predictive challenge than Chairman’s, which is plenty difficult already.

Here is the Camdenton LASER 3284 2016 RCA video from the St. Louis Regional.

Thanks for compiling maintaining the RCA award list.

Howzit All!

I have seen that the Hawaii Regional was covered, just in case here is the results…

Hawaii Regional Competition:

Team #: 3880 (Tiki Techs)
Founded: 2011
Location: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Covered: Y
Awarded: Hawaii
Wins in the past 5 years: 2 ('13 & '16)
Total Chairman’s wins: 2
PPW: 4
Current streak: 1
First Time: No, won in 2013 at Inland Empire
Engineering Inspiration wins: 6 ('12, '13, '14, '15 (x2), '16)
Awards History: http://www.thebluealliance.com/team/3880/history
Week: 5
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzMow9tl6Ys
Essay Link: http://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/2016-regional-district-championship-chairmans-award-winners

Thanks for this great resource compilation.

Good luck to everyone!


Congratulations on all of your awards and accomplishments, especially the EI award. You folks are always the frontrunner for that award. Must be nice getting that Championships paid for year after year.
Ironicallly, we have never won that award in our 17 year history at a regional, but suprisingly won it at Championships in 2008.

See you at Championships.

Your program is at such a different level, hence your HOF chairman’s.

We wouldn’t be a FRC team had you not done all the great work on promoting FIRST throughout our state for so many years and much more. We work as hard as we can to be a chairman’s worthy team and our near misses thankfully earn us the EI. The EI’s NASA grant have definitely contributed to our ability to attend the championships which in turn has created our students drive to keep working hard on the chairman’s award.

Thanks for all your hard work for FIRST. Many teams can contribute their success to your team.

See you at championships. Still dreaming of the Einstein Hawaiian Alliance!

Imua Waialua!

Mahalo nui loa

After seeing and playing many matches against so many teams this year…359,368,3880 could make Einstein in one of the 8 divisions. I mean that.:slight_smile: