2016 Couch Subdivision

Today First Updates Now and the FRC Top 25 caught up with Tem 1254: The Chez Cakes in the Couch Subdivision at the 2016 FIRST Championship. Check out the interview with Tyler in the pits!

Who’s got your pick to win the Couch Subdivision? Any dark horses in this division?

This is awesome.

Hi Mike Starke,

Thanks for posting this!

I had no idea this team existed. Really liked to hear about how teams give cheesecake to others. Seems like a really nice thing to do when someone’s robot it’s working that well, give em a cake!

Hey, I know it’d cheer me up! Gotta be lemon cheesecake though definitely.

Best Regards,

Wow, so #inspired. The NASA engineering mentors did an amazing job building that robot.


Best pit ever.

Please tell me you named the robot “The spirit of FIRST”. :wink:

So insippirringg!

Another West coast powerhouse has taken the world’s stage.

Can’t wait to see them at the Cuba Regional!