2016 Driver Station Not Connecting to RoboRIO

I am at our Toronto Quick Build, and we have our first set of robots ready to drive.

We’ve updated firmware, imaged, deployed JRE, and configure the radio.

I can manually ping the radio and the roboRIO (even using its mDNS name).

I get green ping indicators on the DriverStation ping screen to both the roboRIO and the radio.

We can even deploy code without any problems from Eclipse from the same computer.

The problem is, we can’t get the Communication indicator to turn green in the DS.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I got ours working for Ri3d.

My steps:

  1. Imaged RoboRIO to v19
  2. Connected to DLINK
  3. Turned off Firewall (this was blocking me)
  4. Updated PDM Firmware (v1.40)
  5. Updated PCM Firmware (v1.65)
  6. Loaded LabVIEW robot code (Ri3d).
  7. Success!

Your particular issue was the same as mine until I disabled the firewall. It instantly worked after that. I’m using McAfee.

Works for me.