2016 Finger Lakes Regional

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar teams there! https://www.thebluealliance.com/event/2016nyro
Many have already done well at other regionals, so this should be a very exciting competition!

Best of luck to all the teams!

:frowning: Gonna miss this…

Bummer. Your energy last year helped make it great!

This year’s emcee is new to FLR but fresh from Tech Valley this past weekend and also trained by Eric himself! But yes, he will be missed. #babies

I think a crazy stat for this event is 20% of teams competing this weekend already have bids to Champs.

Team 2383: The Ninjineers are excited to have come all the way up to Rochester for a great event! Can’t wait to meet the teams!

Team 1126 is looking forward to seeing all of our fellow NY teams as well as those from out of state: 2010, and 2383! Good luck to all!

Gonna miss you.

I see that 5030 won at NYC and that 1559 & 1126 won at Pittsburgh. (Congrats to all) As that is far below 20% of the teams attending, what other teams already have a bid to Champs?

3015- chairmans
5254 wild card
1665- wild card
20- sustaining
5030-regional win
1126-regional win
1559-regional win
2383-wild card

  • 5030, 1559, and 1126 for winning an event
  • 5254, 1665, and 2383 for getting a wildcard
  • 20 for being original sustaining
  • 191 for being HOF
  • 1511 and 3015 for winning chairmans

Teams 20 and 191 are both Legacy teams and get a trip to champs every year. 1511 and 3015 won chairman’s at GTCR and Greater Pittsburgh respectively, 1665 and 5254 both got wildcards at Tech Valley, and 2383 got a wildcard at Orlando. That totals at 10/49, or a whopping 20%. Quite the impressive regional stat. Looking forward to competing this weekend!

Edit: Double Sniped :o

Once again, FLR is posing to be one of the most competitive regional with over 20% of teams attending already qualifying for champs.

Does anyone know of other regionals this week, or later in the season that have >20% of teams pre qualified going into the event?

Woot woot.

When one of the regional finalists in NYC already had a bid, it trickled down to our alliance captain team, who got to go. Is there a similar trickle down here, say if 2 qualifying teams are on the winning alliance (and that could certainly happen), do the 1st 2 teams on the runner-up alliance get bids?

We are going to miss you! Maybe we will see you in Rochester at some point in the future.

This is what happened at tech valley.
The finalist alliance all got bids.

359 was hall of fame so its bid went to 5254
The next wild card(I forget what for but I’m assuming EI) have a bid to 229
229 won chairmans so that bid moved over to the back up not 1665.

It’s actually cool that the backup not that came in and did help that alliance got a bid.

Yes and the confusing part is we couldn’t announce wildcards until AFTER Chairman’s, otherwise it would have revealed that 229 won Chairman’s (because the wildcard slipped past them to 1665). Quite the unusual circumstance!

I had assumed something like that’s, or maybe someone on that alliance won EI.

3990, who was on the winning alliance, won EI. So, same concept.