2016 FIRST Championship Userbars

Throw a userbar in your signature and show your support for your division at Championships!
To place in your signature:

  1. Click on “user cp” in the orange nav bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click “edit signature” in the top left hand corner of the page that loads.
  3. Paste the appropriate img code for the userbar you want to display.
  4. Remove the asterisks (*) from the code.
  5. Click “Preview Signature” to make sure the image is displaying.
  6. Click “Save Signature” and voila!

Be sure to remove the asterisk (*) or your image won’t display!
If you don’t see “Edit Signature” it’s probably because you don’t have enough posts on CD to display a signature yet. Keep posting quality posts and you’ll get the option soon!

**New this year: **I standardized the district and dean’s list userbars so that you can leave them in your signature forever!

World Festival (FLL), FTC, Texas, Israel, and Canada userbars are coming tomorrow, but it’s midnight and I still need to finish a scouting sheet update for my team.

Last but not least, if you PM me before 4pm Wednesday, I’ll make some custom ones.













Thank you for these! They are awesome!










Don’t forget NC & GA :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing these!









These rock! Thanks Sara.

No love for the Field Resetters?:frowning:
Though I’m resetting the Practice Field – should that be “Practice Field Division”?

Love 'em! Thanks!

These are wonderful! Thank you for making them.

These are awesome as usual! Thanks.

It’s not a lack of love, you guys have one of the hardest jobs this year, but the volunteer bars are only ones that have been annually requested. I will make a field reset one today for you. :slight_smile:

Sweet! Thanks

I think John needs to replace the Judge one with “Lord Dumpling’s Blue Shirts”

These are awesome hopefully I can reach the necessary amount of posts to use them soon :slight_smile:

Speaking of that, what is the necessary amount of posts? Just wondering…

Think i could get the PNW userbar with the stronghold logo?

“Order of the Blue Shirts” is more than acceptable