2016 FIRST Championship Userbars

+1. I would love one for Emcee/Game Announcer!

Seconding that. Was about to make a thread on why I don’t have the ability to customize my sig.

I believe it’s 25 posts? It’s either 25 or 50.

Is this a request for a custom bar? :smiley:

On the list, I’ll try to post it before my flight Wednesday!


Background - it’s a line out of the Chairman’s script that John helped write at Dartmouth. It got carried forward at other events because it was so awesome. Idk if I have it sitting around anywhere but it was pretty well themed and also funny.

By the authority entrusted to the order of the Blue Shirts by Lord Dumpling of North Dumpling Island and Sir Woody of the University of “mit” . We proclaim the victor of the quest for the Chairman’s award to be…

Thanks for these. Happy to finally have one.

These are really cool and It would also be cool if you made ones for positions on the team like electrical, mechanical, coding, public relations, cad, etc. and maybe positions at the competition like scout, pit crew, drive team, etc.

Cool. Hopefully, before I leave work today.

Until then, I made a temporary one.

If we need to choose 1, it’s drive team.

The lack of cheese is sadening.

This is an awesome idea, but I don’t have enough hours in the day to do one for every team’s possible committee structure. As it is, the banners you see take me about 2-3 hours to crank out.

A lot of times the background colors require additional changes to the logo, which slows the entire process down (a light logo doesn’t work on a light background, for example).

If someone else wants to step up and take on some more custom ones, I’m happy to provide the PSD file I use.

For now, I’ll add drive team and pit crew to the list, since those are pretty much global for all teams. =)

how do you get multiple signature banners in one signature for cd

also i could take over/ help make these baners

You have to take the link that’s posted under each userbar and simply paste it into your signature. Remember to take the asterisks out. You can just paste them one after another.

Let’s talk at CMP, I think some of this can be automated.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I understand, when I posted this I had no idea how long they took and just thought of doing all the different positions would be cool but I am glad your adding drive team

Thanks! I like the blue color of the NC Teams one. I’m just trying to decide what arrangement I like best in my signature…

FTC Userbars, as promised.