2016 Galileo Subdivision

Schedule: https://firstfrc.blob.core.windows.net/frc2016manuals/Championship/Schedule_Galileo.pdf

68	Truck Town Thunder	Ortonville, Michigan
88	TJ(Squared)	Bridgewater, Massachusetts
175	Buzz Robotics	Enfield, Connecticut
176	Aces High	Windsor Locks, Connecticut
195	CyberKnights	Southington, Connecticut
245	Adambots	Rochester Hills, Michigan
279	Tech Fusion	Maumee, Ohio
333	MEGALODONS	Brooklyn, New York
341	Miss Daisy	Ambler, Pennsylvania
365	Miracle Workerz	Wilmington, Delaware
494	Martians	Goodrich, Michigan
538	Dragon Slayers	Arab, Alabama
558	Elm City Robo Squad	New Haven, Connecticut
623	Cougar Robotics	Vienna, Virginia
870	TEAM R. I. C. E.	Southold, New York
932	Circuit Chargers	Tulsa, Oklahoma
987	HIGHROLLERS	Las Vegas, Nevada
1023	Bedford Express	Temperance, Michigan
1065	The Moose	Kissimmee, Florida
1124	UberBots	Avon, Connecticut
1153	Robo-Rebels	Walpole, Massachusetts
1197	TorBots	Torrance, California
1209	Robo Hornets	Tulsa, Oklahoma
1339	AngelBotics	Denver, Colorado
1701	RoboCubs	Detroit, Michigan
2283	Panteras	Mexico City, Distrito Federal
2341	Sprockets	Shawnee, Oklahoma
2383	Ninjineers	Plantation, Florida
2439	Bearbotics	Wailuku, Hawaii
2468	Team Appreciate	Austin, Texas
2502	Talon Robotics	Eden Prairie, Minnesota
2638	Rebels	Great Neck, New York
2642	Pitt Pirates	Winterville, North Carolina
2907	Lion Robotics	Auburn, Washington
2935	NACI Robotics	Toronto, Ontario
2987	Rogue Robotics	Farmington, Minnesota
3018	Nordic Storm	Saint Peter, Minnesota
3128	Aluminum Narwhals	San Diego, California
3132	Thunder Down Under	Sydney, New South Wales
3539	Byting Bulldogs	Romeo, Michigan
3637	The Daleks	Flemington, New Jersey
3683	Team Dave	Waterloo, Ontario
3786	Chargers	Kent, Washington
3926	MPArors	Maplewood, Minnesota
4009	Denfeld DNA Robotics	Duluth, Minnesota
4013	Clockwork Mania	Orlando, Florida
4063	TriKzR4Kidz	Del Rio, Texas
4159	CardinalBotics	San Francisco, California
4290	Bots of War	Charlotte, North Carolina
4330	Rambunction	St. Louis, Missouri
4384	Benzene Bots	Troy, Michigan
4403	ROULT	Torreon, Coahuila
4450	Olympia Robotics Federation	Olympia, Washington
4499	The Highlanders	Fort Collins, Colorado
4525	Renaissance Robotics	St. Thomas, Ontario
4625	Trappers	Fort Mcmurray, Alberta
4740	Sparta Bots	Nashville, Tennessee
4945	Titanium-Wrecks	Snow Hill, Maryland
5006	Apophis	Prairie Grove, Arkansas
5012	Gryffingear	Palmdale, California
5034	River City Robotics	Chattanooga, Tennessee
5057	RoboBusters	Dallas, Texas
5243	Centreville Robotics	Centreville, Virginia
5448	CC Automationeers	Big Rapids, Michigan
5690	SubZero Robotics	Esko, Minnesota
5813	Morpheus	Concord, New Hampshire
5827	Code Purple	Kirkland, Washington
5846	Southcoast Corsairs	Dartmouth, Massachusetts
5855	Blue Collar Bruisers	West Allis , Wisconsin
5872	WiredCats	Davie, Florida
5930	Lunar Kitties	Newcastle, Oklahoma
6012	STEAMROLLERS	Bedford, Indiana
6166	Thorobotics	Holmen, Wisconsin
6175	Mystery Machine	Eden Valley, Minnesota
6193	The Legend of Robotics	Bay City, Michigan

Looks like we have a very diverse division. GALI-


Stoked to play with/against 987 after playing with them in Arizona West, and our friends 4063 as well! Hoping to make some new friends too.

Good luck to every team!

Team 2502 is hoping to have a strong bounce back performance after what happened to our gearboxes at 10k. Good luck to everyone

This will be super fun!

Excited to be on the same field as our frienda from LA, 1197 and 987!

Can’t wait to see everyone this week!

How did you get to be in with them again?!?

3853 wishes we could be on Galileo too, we could have replayed AZ West in the Champ finals.

Play hard, and may the defensive 'bot you find be almost as good as us :slight_smile:


Team 1124 is excited to be competing with our NE friends teams 195, 175, 176, 558, 5846, 88, 1153, and to be competing with 987 again who we’ve been in the same division with the last 4 times we attended worlds.

10% Minnesotan!

10% MN and 10% MI …lets call it M&M :slight_smile:

and 10% Connecticut and Massachusetts.

M&M Coma

Team 1023 is excited to be competing with you all next week! Is anyone starting a pre-scouting form?

2502 has about 2/3rds of the teams already scouted. I’ll ask the scouting lead if it’s ok to share.


That is the only crowd sourced one I found. I kinda hoped it would include some drive train details (number of motors, etc…), and other things that are difficult to determine from videos.

Awesome! If you message the owner, I’m sure they would add what you want. People have in the past anyway! We’d like frame perimeter with bumpers added, as well as positions to scale from. :slight_smile:

Team 3132 is incredibly excited for the Galileo division this year! We’re looking forward to seeing our friends from Minnesota and Hawaii on the field again!

The Elm City Robo Squad is excited to be playing on Galileo again with some old friends and hoping to make new connections, stop by and say hello

Team 987 looks forward to competing with you all. Check out our highlight video, see you in a few days!

Roult team 4403 is excited to be here!! Let’s do this!!

5813 is super excited to compete with all of the fantastic teams in Galileo! :slight_smile: See you all in St. Louis! :smiley: