2016 Human Player Buttons

Presenting the new Human Player Button for the 2016 FRC season:




Going to have these at Hub City next week as well as at Champs! I’ll post details later as to where to find me at these events. Good luck to all the teams competing this weekend and in the next few weeks!

Keep up the bowling (or kicking) practice Human Players! :smiley:

Could we possibly get a link to the graphics?

Again, another winning human player button. They are very cool.

Thanks rsisk!

And as requested:


I was our human player last year, and really wanted one, but I never saw you guys. This year we are both competing at Hub City. Do you have any left over Recycle Rush human player buttons, If so, can I please get one? Good Luck at Hub City, maybe we’ll have a match together.

Absolutely! I have a few left over and will definitely bring you one! Good luck to you guys as well and I certainly hope we get to play with yall in a match! I shouldn’t be too hard to find unless there’s a ton of other human players wearing orange.

Looking forward to seeing them in person at Hub City!! :smiley:

Great, thanks a bunch! Good luck to everyone else competing this week!

I’ll need to get one for my HP