2016 Human Player Testing

Hello everyone. We are trying to come up with a good human player test for this year. Any thoughts on how we should do it?


Back on Team 166, we were thinking about doing a time run to see how fast applicants can retrieve the boulders from a bin and drop/roll a boulder into a secret passage! Maybe try that, Conner?

After concluding Team 610’s Human Player Trials, I can happily share them with you.

Test 1: Player Accuracy
-Human Player given 6 balls
-Ball must be bowled such that it lands within 4 inches of the BERM’s far end

This test looks for a HP’s fine motor skills, as well as a practical example, because the closest a boulder can be to the opposing courtyard without being available to opposing alliance robots is the far end of the Secret Passage.

Test 2: Player Timing
-Human Player given 6 balls
-Balls must touch a DEFENSE or the Neutral Zone every x seconds

This tests the HP’s internal clock and how well they can time themselves. At a higher level of competition, boulders will seldom be unattended, and thus it is necessary for a team to be able to synchronize their HP’s ball throwing with the speed at which you can cycle. The x seconds is how long it takes your team to do a cycle of neutral zone -> cross defense -> courtyard -> back through a defense -> Ready to intake.

Awesome! Thank you so much for your input. Good luck this season!