2016 IRI - Layout Maps

Attached are two maps for the 2016 IRI.

One is a general layout of the school, parking and loading areas.
One is a general plan for inside the school with major areas indicated.

LCHS - 2016 IRI - Inside Layout.pdf (162 KB)

LCHS - 2016 IRI - Inside Layout.pdf (162 KB)

I enjoy the layout including the pool with the “maybe in 2017” tag.

At first I thought the Volunteers were in the “Beer Den”. :smiley:

Expect some off the wall calls and assistance!

The important part doesn’t appear to be on the layout map- where’s the grilled corn being served? :smiley:

Kevin FINALLY asked the right question

Most likely outside door six or seven.

How long are we staying at Lawrence Central?

I would say that’s not likely – doors 6 and 7 are along what I think will be a robot-only path. Anyone not going to or from a match with a robot probably will be told not to go that way.

Will the food trucks and farmer’s market be there?

Any information for the Mentor dinner?

Will a preliminary match schedule be released prior to tomorrow?

There’s a tweet about it here

I hope they release it prior to tomorrow… having the schedule by tonight would be nice.

Will the venue air conditioner be running?

Checked out the place in person. Pretty place. The event is spread out. The que path is CRAZY! It goes all TRR and goes outside! And teams will have to play nice as the back and forth goes on each side and for added difficulty there are bathroom located right at the key turn right to the field where teams will be going back and forth. I know where I will be making my living this weekend.