2016 Los Angeles Regional

Just one week away from the Los Angeles Regional!

66 teams (62 from California, 1 from Hawaii, 1 from Nevada, 2 from Chile)
5 2015 Regional Winners
12 2015 Championships participants
4 2015 Championships Division Winners!
1 2015 Einstein Finalist (welcome back to L.A. 987)
1 2015 Championship Winner (sorry for missing that the first time around Gryffingear)
5 Rookie Teams

Should be awesome.


1 2015 Championship Winner

Anyone know if load-in will include an opportunity to set up our pits as allowed per new FRC policy this year (choice is up to individual Regional PC’s)?

I believe our team is planning on the new pit set-up time, but I don’t have anything that definitively states that LA is upholding the new policy.

No official statement either way from the regional folks in emails. And the site just says “load in” for Wed night. I’ve emailed them for clarification.

Just got word back: pit set up is a GO!

Official letter is being sent out to teams on Monday.

Does anyone know if we expect to have 8 matches per team, given that there are 66 teams at this regional? I recall having 9 in past years.

I remember reading somewhere that there’s going to be 9 per team.

Congratulation to team 3309, Friarbots on their well deserved Regional Chairman’s Award!

Can someone explain how 294 earned a wildcard? I am just curious because it wasn’t clear after looking at the awards list on TBA for this regional. (it never specifies how, but usually it’s obvious after say for example a team double qualifies by winning EI and the regional or the team is a HOF team and they won, but it wasn’t clear here)

We won wildcard due to 5012 being prequalified as 2015 world champions

Oh right, congrats on the wildcard! I forgot about 5012 being world champions.

Speaking of 5012, how in the world did they fall all the way down to the last overall pick!?

Search me. Gotta admit, they’ve got a pretty decent record as a last-round pick in the draft–only a World Championship and now a Regional Winner.

Looks like after the webcast (graciously hosted by 702) got taken down, the stream got moved to YouTube. Here’s the archive (SF and F matches only)

Congrats/good job to all teams.

They won a regional in this fashion last year too…

Good scouting pays off :wink:

Wow! Very impressive regional.

Team 4276 had their best performance to date: 7th place at the end of Quals and 5th alliance captain for elimination rounds.

A big thank you to all the teams who played with us, especially Team 3476 (Code Orange) and Team 1138 (Eagle Engineering) for joining our alliance. We had a blast.

Week 5 in Las Vegas will be here before we know it!

Thanks to everyone who put this year’s regional together. Another well run event…sorry to hear this is it for this venue:( Thank you 1197 for seeing through the mechanical and programming bugs we had in qualifications and asking us to join you. Good second pick of 5012 as a strong defensive addition to our alliance… obviously. Hats off to the number one alliance for taking the finals to 3 with awesome game play. Hope you all get a chance to go to Champs along with 294 via a wild card.

Kudo’s to 3309 on your Chairman’s win against a strong field of contenders.

Thank you to everyone for another great event! LA is always a very well run event.

Thanks to 1197 and 987 for selecting us to join you in playoffs. 987 is always great to play with, glad we could do it again this year! 1197 is a rising CA team, I can’t wait to see how they do at AZ West and Championships!

Thank you to teams 294, 330, 1452, 5510, 696, 207, 4763, 5851, and 6000 for some awesome playoffs matches!

See you at Las Vegas and Championships!

Where did you hear this??

I heard it from someone on the planning committee. A pro hockey team will be using the venue.