2016 Mahoning Valley Robotics Challenge

Team and volunteer registration is open for the 3rd annual Mahoning Valley Robotics Challenge, the only full scale FRC offseason competition in Northeast Ohio.

Up to 32 teams will compete on SUNDAY September 25th, 2016 at Austintown Fitch High School in Austintown, OH. As of this posting, 14 teams have signed up so far.

The event fee remains unchanged at a dirt cheap $100. The Charity Food Drive will be back once again, along with the awesome AndyMark prizes. The plasma-cut painted steel trophies will also be returning.

Please click here to register your team or to sign up as a volunteer.

Stay tuned to the NEOFRA site and to this CD thread for more information as it is posted.

Hope to see you there!

Any video going to be uploaded?

It was parsed in real time. Unsure if every match was covered.


Huge thank you to our alliance partners, Team 2252 (The Mavericks) and Team 4269 (CardinalBots) for a fantastic eliminations gauntlet and win! Playing with you will remain one of the highlights of the season for us.

Also, thanks so much to our hosts, NEOFRA. The event was well-organized and a blast to be at, due in no small part to the amount of work you all put into it. Looking forward to coming back next year!

@4028/8024, Beak/Beef Squad:
Playing with and against you during was an absolute blast, and we’re excited to see what you’ll cook up for the 2017 season!

Thank you FRC 2399, 4269 and hosts. We had a lot of fun and look forward to future MVRC events.

4028 The Beak Squad would like to thank the whole NEOFRA crew for another well-run and exciting event. A special thanks to the FTA and field crews for their assistance and patience with our connectivity issues. We are still unsure what those issues were, but will be investigating further.

8204 Teh Beef Squad would like to thank EVERYONE at the event for putting up with our bovine shenanigans. We had a blast.

Big congrats to 2399 for consistent play all day (and all season!) and for putting together an excellent alliance. A well-deserved win. On a side note: thanks for the tip on the toolboxes. We LOVE our new pit setup!