2016 Newton Subdivision

Team List: http://frc-events.usfirst.org/2016/NEWTON

Preliminary Schedule: https://firstfrc.blob.core.windows.net/frc2016manuals/Championship/Schedule_Newton.pdf

And Team 1676’s full-field footage of all of the Qualification and Elimination Matches, Alliance Selections, and Awards Ceremony of Newton will be posted here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPUJJPXRAlER7kJVE9S9R14DZnbqgem-I. All of our videos will be posted ASAP at the end of each day. Enjoy!

16	Bomb Squad	Mountain Home, Arkansas
48	Delphi E.L.I.T.E.	Warren, Ohio
67	The HOT Team	Highland, Michigan
103	Cybersonics	Kintnersville, Pennsylvania
118	Robonauts	League City, Texas
122	NASA Knights	Hampton, Virginia
125	NUTRONs	Boston, Massachusetts
126	Gael Force	Clinton, Massachusetts
179	Children of the Swamp	Riviera Beach, Florida
188	Blizzard	Toronto, Ontario
217	ThunderChickens	Sterling Heights, Michigan
229	Division By Zero	Potsdam, New York
254	The Cheesy Poofs	San Jose, California
708	Hatters Robotics	Horsham, Pennsylvania
1143	Cruzin' Comets	Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
1241	THEORY6	Mississauga, Ontario
1296	Full Metal Jackets	Rockwall, Texas
1311	Kell Robotics	Kennesaw , Georgia
1418	Vae Victis	Falls Church, Virginia
1477	Texas Torque	The Woodlands, Texas
1519	Mechanical Mayhem	Milford, New Hampshire
1640	Sab-BOT-age	Downingtown, Pennsylvania
1676	The Pascack PI-oneers	Montvale, New Jersey
1700	Gatorbotics	Palo Alto, California
1710	The Ravonics Revolution	Olathe, Kansas
1731	Fresta Valley Robotics Club	Marshall, Virginia
1764	Liberty Robotics	Liberty, Missouri
2035	Robo Rockin' Bots	Carmel, California
2081	Icarus	Peoria, Illinois
2102	Team Paradox	Encinitas, California
2147	CHUCK	Spokane, Washington
2393	Robotichauns	Knoxville, Tennessee
2614	MARS	Morgantown, West Virginia
3284	Camdenton 4H LASER	Camdenton, Missouri
3288	Punchers	Big Piney, Wyoming
3309	Friarbots	Anaheim, California
3314	Mechanical Mustangs	Clifton, New Jersey
3360	Hyperion	Sherbrooke, Québec
3476	Code Orange	Irvine, California
3481	Bronc Botz	San Antonio, Texas
3504	Girls of Steel	Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3574	HIGH TEKERZ	Burien, Washington
3620	Average Joes	St. Joseph, Michigan
3663	CPR - Cedar Park Robotics	Bothell, Washington
3937	Breakaway	Searcy, Arkansas
3961	MBA Execs	Memphis , Tennessee
4001	RAMS ROBOTICS	Thornhill, Ontario
4122	Ossining O-Bots	Ossining, New York
4146	Sabercats	Scottsdale, Arizona
4242	Fresh T.E.C.H.	Washington, District of Columbia
4276	Surf City Vikings	Huntington Beach, California
4550	Something's Bruin	Greenwood Village , Colorado
4561	TerrorBytes	Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
4613	Barker Redbacks	Sydney, New South Wales
4678	CyberCavs	Breslau, Ontario
4744	Ninjas	Hadera, Haifa
5039	Irish Iron	Sarnia, Ontario
5124	West Torrance Robotics	Torrance, California
5150	Hybrid Hornets	Flint , Michigan
5172	Gators	Greenbush Middle River, Minnesota
5274	Wolverines	Sacramento, California
5450	St. Helens Robotics and Engineering Club (SHREC)	St. Helens, Oregon
5499	The Sloth Bears	Berkeley, California
5505	V2 Robotics	Alpena, Michigan
5686	Wirecats	Simsbury, Connecticut
5817	Uni-Rex	Sanger, California
5818	Riviera Robotics	Santa Barbara, California
5832	FULL OF AMBITION	zhongshan, Guangdong
5851	Striking Vikings	Downey, California
5885	Villanova WiredCats	LaSalle, Ontario
5900	Career Blazer Robotics Team - The Fighting Mongooses	Dalton, Georgia
5914	Caledonia Robotic Warriors	Caledonia, Minnesota
6072	CdM Robotics Club	Newport Beach, California
6167	CB Bearbots	Hemingway, South Carolina
6220	BUILD IT GRIFFINS BOEING	Los Alamitos, California

Team 4276 is thrilled to compete with such talent.
Got some Orange County teams in there!

See you all Wednesday.

229 is pumped to be in a division with so many amazing teams! See everyone there.

The World Champion alliance will come from Newton.

Holy crap this is stacked.:ahh:

Team #5150 the Hybrid Hornets are very excited to be competing alongside such amazing teams in Newton!

Team 5172 is ecstatic to be in a division with so many awesome robots. Can’t wait!

Not on Newton and almost a little glad. This might be the most stacked division since I can remember :ahh:


game over

Newton 2016 contains at least one member of every World Champion alliance from 2008-2015, plus 2005 and 2006.

Not if 1241 has anything to say about it. or 179. or 5172. or 3476. or 16. or 125. or 118. or one of the other dozen world class teams on this division.

Incredibly stacked division, holy hell.

Talk about divisions being evenly split…



Definetly the best division, will be hooked to the stream.

You know a division is stacked when 5172 is excluded from the elite robot list. They’re going to be surprising a lot of people (hopefully scouts are paying attention).

Don’t forget 5172.

Newton has nine of the twenty-six teams worldwide that have demonstrated > 5 average high goals per match:

254, 1241, 3620, 1519, 118, 3476, 5172, 67, 3309

Of course, my bad.

The world high score will come from Newton.

This division is stacked and a half. Man, can’t wait to watch these matches.