2016 NI Software Downloads

FYI apparently the 2016 NI software downloads have just been made available from ni.com for those interested in downloading before the rush on Saturday. To download you’ll need to create an account on ni.com.

2016 NI Software: this is the Labview install DVD for FRC 2016. It’s a 4.9GB download; usually teams don’t need to download this unless they’re planning to use Labview.

FRC 2016 Update Suite: this is an encrypted zip containing the FRC tools & utilities like the driver station, etc…all teams need this one. Download is 750MB.

I imagine that as in previous years the password released at kickoff for the encrypted game manual will also open the encrypted zip for the update suite, and that the serial # for the Labview installer will be in the KoP.

Have fun!

  • Ron

The ZIP itself is not encrypted. The installer contained within is.