2016 Official NE FIRST Event Match Videos

All of the official recorded 2016 NE FIRST Match Videos will be posted in this thread as they become available.

The following events have already been posted:
2016 Granite State Event (2016nhgrs) 2016 UMass Dartmouth Event (2016manda)
2016 WPI Event (2016mawor)

These videos will also be added to TBA in the coming days.

All of NE FIRST’s UNH videos from this weekend have been uploaded at the following link:

2016 UNH Event (2016nhdur)

EmileH, thanks so much for posting about the public availability of these videos!

Do you know if videos from the North Shore Event (Reading, MA) will be coming, or are those ones unavailable?

The livestream links are all broken. I have 1058’s elims videos on my YouTube page, which I got by screen recording over the video (you can watch the livestream but can’t get them off the website).

I have the recordings on my servers, but there were technical difficulties with the audio. We’ve ironed them out since, but the North Shore audio is pretty terrible. I’ll work with Emile to get them up tonight if possible.

thanks for the video breakdowns, I have added all of UNH to the blue alliance spreadsheet.

I can start on Dartmouth tonight but I may not get all they way through them.

If you hang on for a few hours, we’re going to ship a feature on TBA tonight to make it much easier to import video playlists. I’ll update this thread when it’s live

As Ty said, we’re hoping to get those North Shore videos posted by the end of the night tonight.

Super excited to see there is a feature planned to import YT playlists into TBA’s database.

It should be live! If you go to the TBA event page, there should be a new button at the top on the right that says “Add Videos”. You can enter the YouTube playlist URL on that page, and it’ll fetch a list of all the video titles associated with the playlist. In each video’s text box, enter the match id (like qm1, qf4m2, sf1m2, f1m3) or blank to ignore that video.

It’s still not perfect, but it’s less manual labor than before

If anything doesn’t work, or if you have any ideas for improvements, let me know!

Thanks that’s great much easier

Update on the North Shore videos: Equipment complications (a big Windows Update) prevented me from getting them posted last night. Hopefully I can get them up tonight, will post here when they’re ready.

North Shore Quals 1-39 are uploading now at the playlist below. Quals 40-78 and elims TBD, still don’t have those videos at the moment.

2016 North Shore Event (2016marea)

Awesome, thanks!

does anyone know where someone can find the RIDE match video i know that the webcast wasn’t working for some of the event and that is most likely affected the compiling of the videos.

Since the system records from the stream, and RIDE didn’t have a stream due to firewall issues at the venue, and the on-site production company didn’t record video, there are no official RIDE videos. I’d check up with other teams to see if they recorded any videos (or on TBA.)

The videos from Hartford are up at the following link. Boston should be up by the end of Friday night.
2016 Hartford Event (2016cthar)

Realizing I forgot to post the links for Boston & Pine Tree when they went up. DCMP is also up.

2016 New England District Championship (2016necmp)

2016 Pine Tree Event (2016melew)

2016 Boston Event (2016mabos)