2016 Ohio FRC State Championship

OhioFIRST will hold the 4th annual Ohio FRC State Championship this Saturday May 21st, this year at Worthington Kilbourne High School in Columbus. 24 of the top teams in the state will compete.

The webcast should be available on the following page:

The team list can be found in the attached document.

Rankings Point Guidelines: http://ohiofirst.org/news-headlines/ohio-frc-state-championship-details-and-current-team-rankings/

2016 Ohio State Champs Event Handbook.pdf (895 KB)

2016 Ohio State Champs Event Handbook.pdf (895 KB)

Looking forward to it. Getting ready to make the trip down Hard Road to load in tomorrow.

Slightly disappointed to not see 120 on the list. Regardless, this should be an exciting event! A lot of really good teams are on that list.

Seeing this, I’m really bummed I can’t make it back to Ohio this weekend (seriously, I do plan to make it back there eventually for a regional or this event!)… It’s at my alma mater! I can’t even watch the live stream as I’ll be working the Minnesota State Championship. Good luck to all competing, but especially to the WorBots :slight_smile:

From what I understand, 120 is going to the NASA 75th anniversary celebration instead of the OSC. They’ll be missed.

Enjoy the banners! They look sharp as always. Can someone please take a photo of them for me this year?


I could take a pic of the three hanging in our shop. swagggggggg

I will try to take some more photos than I usually do at the competition.

Yeah, I think there may be an error here.

5 wins in qualifications 53 = 15
6 wins in Carver Elims 6
6 = 36
6 wins on Einstein 6* 6 = 36
1 second round pick + 5 = 5

= 92 points.

Even if they scored 0 points at any of their other events, the 92 points from their trip to Einstein would be valued at 75%, or 69 points. They totally should be on this list.

Looks like they actively chose to go to a sponsor’s event instead, which is understandable. I had no doubt that they were more than qualified for OSC.

The list in the document (those attending the OSC) is NOT the final rankings list. I believe there were 6 declines, including 120, who ranked first in the state based on points criteria. A team’s overall rank is listed in the left column of the attendee team list in the PDF doc. You will notice that 1 is missing.

And because y’all gonna ask…I attached the post-championship final Ohio rankings.

OSC standings after World Championships.pdf (31 KB)

OSC standings after World Championships.pdf (31 KB)

I look forward to watching this event, including our Carson alliance partners 4028! Good luck to everyone competing at this event!

Woohoo! World Peace!

Unfortunately team 120 will not be able to participate. NASA is having their 75th anniversary and we wanted to help them celebrate. NASA is our primary sponsor and we wouldn’t think of missing an opportunity to be part of their celebration since they are such a big part of our history.

We really wanted to be at the state competition. Ohio has some great robots this year and it would have been great to see and compete against our friends once more. Good luck and have fun!

I’ve been told that 1590 and 3324 are no longer participating. 5146 and 2603 are attending in their place.

Where can I find the results?

The Beak Squad had a blast at this event! Thanks to OhioFIRST, the OSC planning committee and all of the volunteers who made this event possible. Also, big shout-out to our host 4145 The WORBots. The venue was great! You’ll make great district event hosts in the future :slight_smile:

We especially want to thank our excellent alliance partners 379, 2172, and 2603. You all were awesome to play with and we look forward to working with you again. We’ll never forget the semi-final match when we couldn’t connect to the field and you guys still managed to pull out the win. AMAZING!

Finally, I want to thank The Beak Squad team members. This was the most complex and difficult robot we have ever attempted. I know this season was a real grind, but you never once quit and refused to be defeated by our setbacks and difficulties. I am continuously inspired by your character, determination, and perseverance. It is a gift to be your coach.

Thanks to 4028, 2603, & 2172 for helping us bring home our first state championship!! It was an honor playing with all of you.

4028, Thank you for selecting us as your #1 pick. We had some issues early on in qualifications, but you had enough faith in us to bring us along for the ride.

We look forward to playing with all the Ohio teams next season, and good luck to all the teams this offseason.

Here is a more complete list of results, as there is a 3rd place winner component to this event, as well as a Mentor of the Year Award:


Thank you to 3138, 695, and 1308 for partnering with us to take home the 3rd place award. 3138, you guys were a rock on offense. 695 has been with us before - helping win the 2014 State Championship - and once again did a commendable job. I wanted to shout out 1308 for coming back strong after a “thermal incident” at Queen City. I believe they said this was their first award/trophy of any kind at a competition, and they fought hard for it. Their defense in the semifinals was outstanding, and they also contributed everywhere else we asked. If only our robots weren’t so tired - it was a testament to the alliance’s teamwork that we got as close to the finals as we did given our various gremlins.

Congrats to all winners and participants.

Congratulations to our Carson Division alliance partners 4028! It was exciting to see you guys do so well, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you all next year. Also, congratulations to 379, 2172, and 2603!