2016 Orlando Regional


Eight hours into registration, and we’re already up to 41 teams from four countries (USA, Germany, China, Netherlands), three states (Florida, South Carolina, and Hawaii), and Puerto Rico.

Lots of familiar faces in this mix, and a few fresh ones–my alma mater 1293 is finally spreading its wings a bit (12 years, 12 one-event seasons at Palmetto) and will be coming down to join the usual South Carolina suspects in BeachBotics, ROBOTZ Garage, and us on Garnet Squadron.

Who else is excited for this year’s Week 2 showdown?

1251 will be there for our 11th Season. Orlando regional is always a fun event, Always good to see the different teams it attracts and the same old faces that have been coming back for years.


I am very excited to be making the 4600 mile flight. Okay not the flight…

Excited to be coming to a new regional in a state unseen by most, if not all, my students.
So much more to do there in a few block area than our entire state.
Yes I am looking at all those amusement parks, as we do not have any. :smiley:

Though in reality our attending this regional is to be as efficient as possible with our limited funding. We happen to be running some EFI tests at the NASA Kennedy Space Center on our joint MoonRIDERS project the following week.

For info on our joint project http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/28547048/high-school-moon-riders-take-part-in-pisces-nasa-experiment

I am looking forward to creating new friends and learning what the “Sunshine State” has to offer…

Any must sees, please let me know.

Looking forward to a great event.

Probably hundreds of teams over the years have used the cover of attending the Orlando Regional to do non-FIRST things in the state of Florida. This one might take the cake!

13th Season :cool:

We are going to miss not returning to Orlando. But alas our first district event is the same weekend.