2016 Pre-season robot ideas

Hey guys! Team 240 is making a pre-season robot for the new members from the 2015 season. What are some ideas or mechanisms that we could implement on the robot to help get used to new things? Some things to include are pneumatics. Thanks

Octocanum drivetrains involve penumatics. maybe you could build that for an offseason project

Well, what is the budget you are looking at for this? Is it full robot level, unique drive base level, or rube goldberg machine using spare parts you already have level?

Our previous season robot is… A new recycle rush robot.

Boring but hey after coming in last place at a regional what else do you do.

A robot that shoots some form of ball and collects balls from the floor would be a nice way to prep for future games.

If looking for a challenge try footballs

We have set goals to cover the use of the following:
-Gas springs
-Gas shocks (maybe)
-Pneumatic cylinders
-Timing belt (preferably a 3+ pulley system, like a serpentine belt)
-Gears (and gear lightening)
-Lightweight gearboxes with heavy lightening (like WCP gearboxes)
-Integrating shifter shafts into custom gearbox plates
-Over-center linkage (sort of like a toggle clamp) or other locking linkages.
-Circlips and E-clips
-Chain-in-tube designs
-Intakes for balls

We’re not entirely sure what we’ll be using to cover those topics.

If you want experience with a lot of these, I would suggest building something Octocanum. As for the ball element, anything could happen (although I would recommend entraption stars or roller intakes)

Octocanum was our offseason project last year - it’s a great challenge, and I’d recommend it. A few caveats: having access to sheet metal fabrication resources makes life easier (though it isn’t impossible without them), and it’s really easy to fall into the mindset of ‘oh, we prototyped it and everything, so we should definitely run it on the competition bot’ even when it’s not necessarily the best option. We did that this year and ended up ‘de-octocanum-ing’ in St. Louis because we just didn’t need the traction wheels.

We are going to use spare parts for this robot. Thanks!

One question is how would we make the football spin like a spiral?

Take a look at football launchers. You should get some ideas.:smiley:

Launch it with mecanums, or with solid wheels that are arranged with a bit of a slope to them.

Thanks I’ll take a look at football launchers… That’s what some of the team members were thinking of (football launcher).