2016 Rumble in the Roads

Teams 1610 and 2363 are proud to present the third annual:

**Website: **

Menchville High School
275 Menchville Rd.
Newport News, VA 23602

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

$300 per team, $250 if you register for another 2015 off-season event, $200 for pre-rookies
Team Registration
Volunteer Registration

You can keep up to date with which teams have already registered here.

A second round of registrations for “B” teams may be opened at a later date.

We look forward to seeing all of the competitors at the event.
Please direct questions to [email protected] or use the Contact portion of the website.

Nate & Matt & Triple Helix
SPARKY 384 can’t wait to play Stronghold again.
Thanks for making this possible.

Team 1389 just signed up

I am pleased to announce the 2016 Rule Changes for the Rumble in the Roads. If there are any questions you can direct them to me, Nate, or the contact section of the website.

RuleChanges2016.pdf (185 KB)

RuleChanges2016.pdf (185 KB)

A couple of videos testing the 2 new defenses.

The Hill

The Trap

I think we put a sensor on the end of the trap so when a robot drives off of it, the dukes of hazard music goes off on the PA.


Will there be a webcast? I really want to watch teams take on these new defenses.

Yes, and the webcast will be accessible from our website www.rumbleintheroads.com

There are currently 6 spots remaining. Sign up before it is too late.

The 2016 Rumble in the Roads is taking place this Saturday with a total of 29 teams joining us for the event. The stream for the even will be available on our website at www.rumbleintheroads.com the morning of the event. We look forward to seeing all of the teams this weekend.

The preliminary match schedule can be found on TBA.

Break out the orange spray paint!

Thank you to all of the teams for coming out and making this another successful Rumble in the Roads.

Congratulations to our award winners:

346 RoboHawks
339 Killroy
1389 The Body Electric
1793 The Pilots

384 Sparky
836 THE RoboBees
5957 Cat5 Cyber Canes

**Ironclad **
The Ironclad Award, sponsored by InSource, celebrates robustness in concept and fabrication. This year’s award is presented to a team whose robot has shown true resilience in combat. While their robot may come away from this event with battle scars, this team has built their robot to stay afloat.

This year’s award goes to a team whose robot could scoot, shoot and was built rugged and strong and performed as well as it looked. The judges were impressed by the ease with which it could be repaired, thanks to its modular design. Just like Kilroy, this ‘bot is here, there and everywhere. This year’s Ironclad Award goes to Team 339 from Stafford VA, Kilroy Robotics.

The Shipbuilder Award, sponsored by Newport News Shipbuilding, celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively achieves the game challenge. This team demonstrates a clear understanding of the rules of the game and their robot has been designed to effectively complete the tasks with consistency and accuracy.

This team demonstrated mastery of planning by holding design meetings to determine which challenges they should tackle first, then using techniques such as white boarding and prototyping to assist in determining the best robot design. This team should take pride in building a robot that is excellent at both offensive and defensive maneuvers, thus giving them flexibility on the competition floor. The team receiving the shipbuilding award is Triple Helix, Team 2363.

USS Monitor
The USS Monitor presented a new concept in ship design and employed a variety of new innovations in ship building that caught the attention of the world. The USS Monitor Award, sponsored by anon, celebrates innovation in robot components, design, or strategy of play. This team’s unique ideas stretch beyond the norm and reflect creative thinking to effectively achieve their goals on the field of battle.

This year’s award goes to a team whose use of gyroscopes, turret design and custom software was electrifying. This year’s USS Monitor Award goes to Team 1389 from Bethesda, MD, The Body Electric.

Captain Award
The Captain Award is sponsored by Christopher Newport University. It is presented to a team whose members gain the pride and respect of not only their school and sponsors, but also their competitors. This team truly inspires others with their teamwork, leadership, and gracious professionalism on and off the field.

This year’s award is being presented to the team that inspires and promotes STEM awareness through their community outreach. This includes the distribution of Lego educational kits promoting science and technology awareness and education on a global scale. Their commitment to strengthening opportunities for education for the advancement of STEM by lobbying state senate representatives, drafting legislation, and successfully ushering the passage of a bill to fund STEM programs in Virginia schools. This award is being presented to Team 1086, Blue Cheese!

Alliances with Results:

  1. 384 - 836 - 5957 W
  2. 6312 - 5279 - 4286 SF
  3. 5546 - 1885 - 1080 - 1522 QF
  4. 1610 - 1629 - 6194 - 2890 SF
  5. 2028 - 540 - 6313 - 1908 QF
  6. 346 - 339 - 1389 - 1793 F
  7. 5950 - 1137 - 1262 - 3359 QF
  8. 5830 - 2363 - 1086 - 1599 QF

Congrats to Flagbot!

Flagbot was a defensive machine at the DCMP. I watched them shut down an entire alliance for like a minute and a half.

SPARKY Team 384 would like to thank team 836 the RoboBees and 5957 CAT 5 CyberCanes for joining our alliance. We would also like to thank the finalist for a hard fought finals: 339 Kilroy, 346 RoboHawks & 1389 The Body Electric. Special thank to the teams from Maryland making the long haul to Newport News. This event would not happen without the tireless efforts of 2363 Triple Helix, 1610 B.O.T. and FIRST Chesapeake. Nate, Matt, Todd, Richard, Kyle and all the other volunteers, referees, FTA and field crew - THANK YOU!!!
Can’t wait till next year to play STEAMWORKS!

The Hill’s first victim.

What about the Trap’s losing battle?

The trap presented another challenge I hadn’t thought about going into the event. It looked deceptively like the hill from the driver station. So if you forgot that it was the trap and not the hill you found yourself running into a vertical wall instead.

In this case the poor pin just didn’t stand a chance.

I want to thank our gracious hosts for an amazing event! It was well planned and well executed! I look forward to attending again in the years to come!

A shout out to the judges, refs, and every volunteer! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

To our new friends, SPARKY and the CyberCanes - what a blast it was to play you both! I rarely get the opportunity to be behind the glass, but this was a special treat to do so this time! I look forward to working with you both in a future district event!

A special shout out to my good friend Chuck Trautwein from 1629 - watching you interact with the kids who attended, sharing your passion, demonstrates what FIRST is really about. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us!