2016 STEM City Regional

Hi Everyone,

FRC Team 2486, The CocoNuts, are working with Northern Arizona University (NAU) to increase its partnership with FIRST. The 2016 Arizona FIRST Tech Challenge Championship will be held at the venue they are providing. NAU will also be providing a scholarship opportunity for FIRST students.

In 2012, Flagstaff was named “America’s First STEM City” because of our dedication to STEM education and our extensive network of STEM-based programs. Isn’t it about time that America’s STEM City finally had an FRC regional! NAU has agreed to donate their Skydome for an FRC event. This is a venue large enough for 60 teams to attend.

If you’re team would be interested in attending this event for next year please fill out the link below! Thanks.

Sign up here:

So would this be an official regional event, or an offseason event?

This would replace the AZ West regional! The venue at GCU was a little cramped and seemed capped around 30-35 teams. Having a regional up north would help with travel expenses for team from neighboring states as well as stimulate FRC growth in Northern Arizona.