2016 STEMley Cup Championship

MakeShift (FIRST Robotics team 4039) and Celt-X (FIRST Robotics team 5406) are thrilled to announce the second annual…

STEMley Cup Championship

An off-season FRC event in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!

The STEMley is a highly competitive, fun-packed event. We will be playing a modified version of Stronghold, so make sure your 'bots are ready to roll!

When: Saturday, November 12, 2016 (Friday evening load-in)
Where: St. Mary Catholic Secondary School, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Capacity: 32 teams
Details: http://stemleycup.wordpress.com


  • New defense - the Frozen Moat!
  • Addition of an endgame to Stronghold, featuring the latest in siege technology - the CANNONBALL!
  • A buddy system to provide a boost to rookie teams looking to compete for the first time!
  • See the full list of rule changes here - STEMley Cup Rules

Once again, there are three off-season events in Ontario this year. To streamline registration, teams will register for their chosen event(s) through a central system. Discounts are available for registering early and for registering for multiple events.

Early Registration: (by June 30)
1 Event: $375; 2 Events: $650; 3 Events: $900

Regular Registration:
1 Event: $425; 2 Events: $750; 3 Events: $1000

Also…introducing the **FIRST Robotics Canada Triple Crown!
Who will be the first-ever team to win all three Canadian Off-Season events in a single season? In order to help make this possible all three teams from the winning alliance at each event will automatically earn a spot at the next scheduled event (or an admission refund if already registered for the next event).

Please click here to register for the STEMley Cup Championship.

STEMley prides itself on its amazing volunteers who ensure that the event runs smoothly. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer registration form.

Districts, STEMley, and You:
As you have no doubt heard, Ontario is moving to a District Competition model for the 2017 season. With double the number of district events, we will need double the number of volunteers to staff them. Off-season events such as STEMley are a fantastic way to learn the ropes of the many volunteer positions available at a district, so we would encourage anyone who would like to be involved in the official events to come out and volunteer at an off-season!

Districts also mean that Ontario teams won’t get to play as easily with their out-of-province friends in the future, so we would love it if some of our neighbours came up to play as well!

Who will hoist the cup this year…


Since the off-seasons were announced at the Ontario regionals this year and registration has been open since then, we already have 18 amazing teams registered - including some of the best in all of FIRST! We’d love to add you to this list as well!

Team 781 – Kinetic Knights
Team 865 – Warp7
Team 1114 – Simbotics
Team 1241 – Theory6
Team 1285 – The Big Bang
Team 1325 – Inverse Paradox
Team 2056 – OP Robotics
Team 2852 – DM High Voltage
Team 3161 – Tronic Titans
Team 3560 – Chingbotics
Team 4343 – MaxTech Robotics
Team 4476 – W.A.F.F.L.E.S.
Team 4678 – CyberCavs
Team 4914 – Victoria Park Panthers
Team 4939 – Allspark9
Team 4992 – Spartans
Team 5406 – Celt-X
Team 5921 – TLK Robotics

We had great success hosting “pre-rookie” teams at last year’s STEMley cup. Teams 1241, 2056, 4039 and 5406 offered practice bots and training to four new teams (6046, 5912, 5921, 6211 respectively). This is a great way to learn about the how to build a robot and compete before the craziness of the 2017 build season starts. If you have an extra Stronghold robot to share, or if you know of a pre-rookie team who might be interested please get in touch!

Is there any idea about the waiting list for the Stemley Cup we signed up when their website said there was still space and were apparently put on a waiting list. Is is worth thinking that we will get in? or is there no chance anymore?

We are thrilled at the response this year to STEMley - almost all of the slots allocated for pre-existing teams were filled prior to the June 30 early-bird deadline, leaving only a small number still available for registration in the new school year.

Unfortunately the website is not updated in real-time as teams register; it was simply intended to allow teams to see who else is attending once they have confirmed. Registrations are logged in a Google form in the order that they are made, and then the website is updated periodically based on that. All registrations are acknowledged by e-mail to the contact person that filled out the form and teams are informed whether or not they are on the waiting list at that time.

One mandate of the STEMley Cup Championship is supporting pre-rookie teams in their efforts to launch into a successful season. As such, just like for regional/district events, several spots are held back for them as they try to form a team from the ground up at the beginning of the school year. We now are beginning to have a clearer picture of the number of these pre-rookie teams that are attending, so you should receive an update from us very soon. Similarly, if a team informs us that they are now unable to attend, we will invite teams off of the waiting list.

In case you’re not the contact person who registered initially, please send an e-mail to the organizers at [email protected] to allow us to directly send you more relevant information about your status.


2016 STEMley Cup Championship team list:

Team 781 – Kinetic Knights
Team 865 – Warp7
Team 1075 – Sinclair Sprockets
Team 1114 – Simbotics ******
Team 1241 – Theory6 *****
Team 1285 – The Big Bang
Team 1305 – Ice Cubed
Team 1325 – Inverse Paradox *******
Team 1360 – Orbit Robotics
Team 2056 – OP Robotics *******
Team 2604 – Metal and Soul
Team 2609 – BeaverworX
Team 2852 – DM High Voltage ******
Team 2994 – ASTECHZ
Team 3161 – Tronic Titans
Team 3560 – Chingbotics
Team 3683 – Team Dave
Team 4343 – MaxTech Robotics
Team 4476 – W.A.F.F.L.E.S.
Team 4618 – CN Robotics
Team 4678 – CyberCavs
Team 4914 – Victoria Park Panthers
Team 4932 – Cougar Robotics
Team 4939 – Allspark9
Team 4976 – Rebels
Team 4992 – Spartans
Team 5406 – Celt-X
Team 5921 – TLK Robotics *******
Team 6342 – BT Robotics ********
Team 6378 – SLS Robotics ********

***** winners of Fall Fiesta and the Southwest International. In the running to be the first team ever to win the *FIRST *Robotics Canada Triple Crown](http://www.firstroboticscanada.org/main/off-season-events-2016/)

****** defending 2015 STEMley Cup Champions

******* 2015 STEMley Cup Finalists

******** pre-rookies

Who’s gonna win the 2016 Stemley Cup?

Any predictions or insights?

This might be an unpopular opinion but I heard team 2056 is pretty decent.

5406 will once again be running an all-rookie drive team. This time, from our friends at neighbouring school St. Jean de Brebeuf. Brebeuf students will be joining Celt-X in 2017 to learn the ropes in advance of starting their own team in 2018. We are hoping these rookies have as much success with Squirt as we did last season!

The rest of Celt-X and MakeShift will be wandering around in red volunteer shirts. If you are joining us Saturday, feel free to chat or ask for help. Good luck to all teams!

The STEMley Cup organizing committee has also prepared trading cards again for the 2016 “Contenders”. See attached. Each attending team will receive 3 packages of 4 random cards, and more are available to collect and trade. Who knows, one of the rookie cards could be worth a lot some day :slight_smile:

For those of you who can’t make it down to the rink tomorrow, you can watch live at http://bunker7.ca/stemley and follow along at #STEMleyCup

Cannonballs, selfie-with-STEMley, frozen moats, trading cards, minute-to-win-it, Dirty Mike… can’t wait!

The STEMley Cup Championship is in full swing, and there’s lots of coverage on the internet.

Follow us on Twitter:

Watch the live stream: http://bunker7.ca/stemley/

Match video is being uploaded to YouTube as well:

**Alliance Selection & Final Results
**1. 1114 2056 5921 W
2. 3683 4678 3161 F
3. 2994 1305 6342 4992 SF
4. 5406 1285 6378 1075 QF
5. 1325 4914 4343 4932 SF
6. 1241 4976 2604 3560 QF
7. 1360 2852 0865 4939 QF
8. 4618 4476 2609 0781 QF

  • Selection order was 1-8, 8-1, 8-3
  • 1241 declined 2994

Did anything entertaining happen as a result of the frozen moat?

Not really. The frozen moat slowed robots down a little bit over that defense, but no one was stuck permanently as far as I saw (most robots were long enough to touch solid ground on either side of the castors). A little bit of novelty, without too much drastic change in gameplay was probably for the best. But I would have loved to see a robot drive stuck on top once, driving forward endlessly like Wile-E-Coyote :slight_smile:

The coloured “cannon balls” had a much bigger impact on game play, as teams had to decide between sinking the double-value ball that came out in the last 20 seconds, or playing the regular end-game.

The finals were extremely exciting. Effective defense kept the 1114-2056-5921 power alliance from capturing their tower in F2 and F3, allowing 3683, 4678, 3161 to ramp up the low-goal cycles. The 2nd seed alliance came within a hair’s breadth of winning the upset, just missing their F3 capture points due to a little carpet contact. Regardless, it was a great way to end the Stronghold season, and I want to congratulate both alliances for putting on such an exhilarating show!