2016 Tesla Subdivision

We are ready to compete on Tesla! Lets get the discussion started!

33	Killer Bees	Auburn Hills, Michigan
66	Grizzly Robotics	Ypsilanti, Michigan
74	Team C.H.A.O.S.	Holland, Michigan
111	WildStang	Arlington Heights, Illinois
177	Bobcat Robotics	South Windsor, Connecticut
181	Birds Of Prey	Hartford, Connecticut
272	Cyber-Crusaders	Lansdale, Pennsylvania
329	Mohawks	Medford, New York
423	Simple Machines	Wyncote, Pennsylvania
433	Firebirds	Flourtown, Pennsylvania
461	Westside Boiler Invasion	West Lafayette, Indiana
537	Charger Robotics	Sussex, Wisconsin
540	TALON 540 Godwin Robotics	Henrico, Virginia
548	Robostangs	Northville, Michigan
604	Quixilver	San Jose, California
781	Kinetic Knights	Kincardine, Ontario
1099	DiscoTechs	Brookfield, Connecticut
1250	Gator-Bots	Dearborn, Michigan
1306	BadgerBOTS	Middleton, Wisconsin
1405	Finney Falcons	Penfield, New York
1510	Wildcats	Beaverton, Oregon
1622	Team Spyder	Poway, California
1675	UPS (Ultimate Protection Squad)	Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1690	Orbit	Binyamina, HaZafon (Northern)
1756	Argos	Peoria, Illinois
1806	S.W.A.T.	Smithville, Missouri
1860	Cephatron	Sao Jose dos Campos, São Paulo
2054	Tech Vikes	Hopkins, Michigan
2056	OP Robotics	Stoney Creek, Ontario
2194	Fondy Fire	Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
2337	EngiNERDs	Grand Blanc, Michigan
2363	Triple Helix	Newport News, Virginia
2415	WiredCats	Atlanta, Georgia
2451	PWNAGE	Saint Charles, Illinois
2522	Royal Robotics	Lynnwood, Washington
2619	The Charge	Midland, Michigan
2783	Engineers of Tomorrow	Mount Washington, Kentucky
2823	The Automatons	St Paul, Minnesota
2834	Bionic Black Hawks	Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
3015	Ranger Robotics	Spencerport, New York
3039	Wildcat Robotics	Destrehan, Louisiana
3042	Cobalt Catalysts	Apple Valley, Minnesota
3044	Team 0xBE4	Ballston Spa, New York
3130	The East Ridge Robotic Ominous RaptorS - the ERRORS	Woodbury, Minnesota
3158	TECBOT	Toluca, Mexico
3238	Cyborg Ferrets	Anacortes, Washington
3245	Ravens	Sandy, Utah
3303	Metallic Thunder	Fresno, California
3560	Chingrobotics	Brampton, Ontario
3655	Tractor Technicians	Mason, Michigan
3853	Pridetronics	Phoenix, Arizona
4391	BraveBots	Gladstone, Michigan
4401	CETMOV	Laguna del Rey Coahuila, Coahuila
4468	Fernbank LINKS	Atlanta, Georgia
4488	Shockwave	Hillsboro, Oregon
4905	Andromeda One	Ayer, Massachusetts
4930	Electric Mayhem	Buffalo, New York
5016	Huntington Robotics	Huntington, New York
5030	The Second Mouse	Utica, New York
5053	Lakers	Waterford, Michigan
5114	Titanium Tigers	Fenton, Michigan
5437	Rocky Balboabots	Booneville, Arkansas
5439	Huskies	Québec, Québec
5677	The Subatomic Smarticles	San Jose, California
5726	RHUMBOTZ	San Antonio, Texas
5804	TORCH	Richmond, Virginia
5809	The Jesubots	Kansas City, Missouri
5854	GLITCH	Asheville, North Carolina
5912	Hawkeyes	Jordan, Ontario
5915	Mercy Midnight Storm	Detroit, Michigan
6055	Pioneers	Batesville , Arkansas
6134	Robo Ram	Zapopan, Jalisco
6171	WCR	Plano, Texas
6219	Cuttin' Edge Robotics	Blountville, Tennessee
6221	Vandals	Miami, Arizona

This is going to be fun! 3238 can’t wait to see some awesome robot gameplay on Tesla!

This field is looking good! 1806 is excited to get this party started. :cool:

423 is looking forward to playing with everyone, and is happy to be next to our friends on 433. Can’t wait until Wednesday!

Team 74 is excited to be playing on such a great division! Good luck to all of you!

5804 is looking forward to some great game play and meeting some new people. See you in the Pits on Wednesday!

team 66 cant wait to see everyone on Telsa, should be a fun weekend.

1250 is ready to compete in Tesla!

177 is ready to play some robots.

3044 is pumped to compete!

5016 is ready to compete

Pridetronics, 3853, is absolutely thrilled to be on Tesla this year, though, for historical reasons, Hopper would have been nice (our competition laptop is named Grace ).

Especiallly since Tecbots (3158) are there. In our rookie year, 2011, at the Phoenix Regional, they announced us as their pick (with Alliance Captain Plasma, 2403 (PURPLE!) ) to play on Saturday afternoon:

“We must fight with the Lion. We choose 3853”

None of this gracious anything balderdash :slight_smile:


Team 3044 is looking forward to playing with such a great group of teams


I never get tired of your GIFs.

Hey guys,

If you are on a team in Tesla, could you fill in the spreadsheet below?

Should help all of our teams to have more time to explore, and less time to have to scout.


We’re ready and excited to play with everyone on Tesla. So many great teams and robots. See you all soon! :slight_smile:

Great idea, but would it not be better if this was in a Google Form? That way somebody can’t mess with other’s data and make it easier to input.

Edit: Huh someone already put in data for my team.

Sorry, I actually just stole this from another post on CD, and wanted to make sure people from Tesla had also seen it… I would link, but I can’t seem to find that thread at the moment…

If you haven’t seen this yet, I’d suggest checking it out. It’s a spreadsheet that compares schedule strength for all teams in the Tesla division. There are a few different useful tabs along the bottom. Here is the original thread with all of the divisions.