2016 Video from Mike and Justin.

Sorry for the long delay, forgot to post it here.

Video here:

6 motor 8WD
Rotating shooter
Floor pickup.

other stats are listed in the CD media thread.

See you in TCNJ, Bridgewater, Cleveland.

It always excites me when teams use quality produced tracks for their videos.(Knife Party always rules)

The robot looks stellar as always and I am looking forward to watching the webcasts to see how 2016 performs.

If this is the exact same one from Mike and Justin(not available on mobile, good job breaking down social barriers and being the team to use the Harlem Shake.

Awesome robot, can’t wait to see another beautiful 2016 robot at TCNJ

Ha, well we always like to have a little parody/fun at the beginning which always ends badly for our poor monkey. Typically involves classical, but with this silly harlem shake thing going around we could not resist.