2016 Woodie Flowers Award Recipients

Please Congratulate…
Juan Ortiz Team 2158 Alamo
Rob Steele Team 981 Los Angeles
Jody Schanaman Team 60 Arizona North
Brian Jones Team 3937 Arkansas
Roberta Bacik Team 156 Greater Pittsburgh
Arti Javeri Team 1285 Toronto East
Celena Crews Team 3556 Orlando
John Stratis Team 2177 Lake Superior
David Sylvestre Team 2500 Northern Lights

Francisco Guerra Team 4635 Mexico City
(It seems blue alliance has not updated yet)

Andrew Shimamoto, Team 1939, Greater Kansas City

CVR: Adam Heard 973

Please add congratulations to
Adam Heard Team 973, Central Valley
Dan Zabell, Team 2869, New York
Brian Jones, Team 3937, Arkansas
Francisco Guerra, Team 4635, Mexico City
Andrew Shimamoto, Team 1939, Kansas City
Yaron Dopplet, Team 1574, Israel
, Team 2081, St. Louis
Aulikki Flagan, Team 1159, San Diego

Jim McIntyre palmetto regional team 2252

Huge congrats to Adam! This guy has been such an inspirational mentor to so many young mentors. Ever since 09 I always look to his team and robots for new team goals. Thanks for encouraging us younger mentors to work harder.

Way to go Adam!

Does anyone know who the recipient was at St. Louis? I can’t find it anywhere.

Congratulations to this week recipients…
Milorad Cerovac Australia Regional
Daniel Eiland, Team 3337, Bayou Regional
Robert Gest, Team 120, Buckeye Regional
John Peterson, Team 2220, Central Illinois
Steve Schlegel, Team 3003, New York Tech Valley
Wes Womack, Team 3374, Utah Regional

According to 2081’s Facebook page, Martin Willi, their lead mentor.

To be precise, all these wonderful people received the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (WFFA). The 2016 Woodie Flowers Award winner will be announced at Championships, determined from all the WFFA winners.

Cal thanks for that update. Martin Willi is a good friend.

Martin Willi, Team 2081, St. Louis Regional

Thank you sir. Well deserved!

Michael Corsetto, Team 1678, Sacramento

Adrienne Emerson, 148, Dallas!

Here is this weeks Award Recipients. I am very happy that many friends are among this list as well. Congratulations everyone and please let your students know I am very proud of them.
Teresa Ewing, Team 1619, Colorado Regional
Adrienne Emerson, Team 148, Dallas Regional
Eric Brewer, Team 1511, Finger Lakes Regional
Dick Hurban, Team 5837 (long time mentor), Iowa Regional
Nancy Dewar-Stenning, Team 1305, North Bay Regional
Pamela Diaz, Team 1209, Oklahoma Regional
Gary Dillard, Team 2973, Rocket City Regional
Michael Corsetto, Team 1678, Sacramento Regional
David Toyne, Team 980, Ventura Regional
Arrow Guetschow, Team 3381, Wisconsin Regional

Bob Potts; 4130

Congrats to Adrienne Emerson!! You have been a great role model of first and to your students! Awesome job!

What event please?