2017-2018 STIMS Guide (Youth/Parent Registration)

I have to post again to express my frustration with how dumb this system is. I hate having to approve every student one by one with four clicks, and then the website reloads the whole page. Half the time, it opens the Approve button message box, and then just hangs on that, and you click it and it does nothing, and then 15 seconds later it loads. And then half of my students registered do not have the Consent & Release on record, and I don’t know what to tell them about how to fix that. I suppose they need to log back in, or maybe their parents need to do something. I gave them this handy guide, but for whatever reason, we still have issues getting students to follow through and finish this all correctly.

Doesn’t have to do much for STIMS but anyone have an issue that you are 18 so you filled out everything like the consent and release form and it showed you as the signer and now it shows the parent as have signed it? otherwise signing up wasn’t too bad and helped most of my team get in tonight!

Thanks so much for posting this! I’m a new member and this was so helpful for my parents and me:)

I have a couple of students whose parents say they’ve followed the instructions completely but the students are still showing up in the roster as needing the consent form. In one case, I’ve used the button to generate a request to the parent, and she tried again, but still no change in status. Has anyone seen this? Could there be a lag in the system, and if so, how long should I wait before deciding that it still didn’t go through?

Have you verified that the email address you’re sending the invite to matches the account email the parents are using and the student specified?

If the team member said the parent is [email protected] and the account [email protected] is the one you are sending the notification to, they can’t sign the consent, even if [email protected] used to be the parent contact for FTC or FLL.

Just an FYI for Michigan teams. On the consent form, there is ANOTHER consent form under the FIRST one that you have to sign for FIRST in Michigan. It can be easily missed if you’re not looking for it. I’m not sure, but I would assume some other districts will have additional consents as well. Just wanted to let everyone know.

Also I set up a walk thru with large screen shots if anyone wants to use it. It was nice and easy to present to students and parents and send to them. Thanks MilkenKnights. Your guide was great.

This is for NEW students.

This is for VETERAN students.