2017 Access Point Configuration Issue


We are attempting to configure the 2017 (new) Open-Mesh OM5P-AC Dual Band 1.17 Gbps Access Point (AM-3205). We cannot find the new firmware and configuration utility on either AndyMark’s website nor FIRST’s. Have any of you guys found these utilities or used a workaround? Using the tools for the previous router (AN51-flash.exe) has been unsuccessful, as the utility can not find the new access point when connected via ethernet.


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You can download the software from this link. Instructions on how to use it are found here: http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/4485/m/13503/l/144986-programming-your-radio-for-home-use?id=144986-programming-your-radio-for-home-use

There’s a note on the AndyMark page saying:

“Note: Default firmware is not able to be used in a local AP configurations, for FIRST Robotics Competition you will need to get firmware from FIRST when it becomes available.”

My understanding is that the firmware will be released by kickoff. I believe the version currently on TeamForge (the link in the previous response) is for the old OM5P-AN.

Incorrect. OP asked about the 2017 radio, the Open Mesh OM5P-AC. This is not the same radio used in 2016, the OM5P-AN.

FIRST has not released the firmware for the OM5P-AC yet, but they have promised it by Kickoff. Until it is released, you will not be able to use it successfully as a robot radio. (We did our best to make that clear in both our email newsletters about it and on the product page itself.)

The new radio firmware has not been released as far as i know.
from the FIRST blog
“The OM5P-AC is available from Open Mesh and will soon be available from AndyMark. See those sites for pricing and availability. Devices won’t be usable until the firmware and configuration utility are available to teams. Worst case, they’ll be posted on Kickoff Day, and if we can publish sooner, we will announce via this blog.”

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