2017 Archimedes Subdivison

Team 1987 the Broncobots are excited to be playing in the Archimedes subdivision this year.

Thoughts interesting comments, predictions this is your one stop shop for all things Archimedes this year.

The ROCK is looking forward to our awesome division!

Team 3044, 0xBE4 can’t wait to see everybody on Archimedes! Safe travels to all and see you soon :slight_smile:

TechFire 225 is looking forward to playing with all the great Archimedes teams!

1810 cannot wait to see all of you guys at championships!

On a somewhat of a side note, we are looking for several teams to scout with for qualification matches.
We provide a scouting app, training, tablets, chargers, and a printer with a bunch of paper to give you good data.

We are asking for teams that can provide groups of 6-8 scouters, 6 match scouters and 2 backup / misc scouters. If you are interested in more details, send me a message.


3623 is extremely excited to see you all! First time at Champs for me, and I’m sure it’ll be a great time. See you on Archimedes!

Hi everyone! Safe travels and the best of luck to all of the teams on Archimedes this year! See you all next week!

- MW FRC 1640

Only Kansas team representing on Archimedes :smiley:

Can’t wait to be with Broncobots and Team Driven again!

I am predicting that the winning alliance of the Archimedes division will be made of teams from the US and/or Canada

Team 4926 from Columbus Indiana is thrilled to be in the Archimedes Sub-Division! Shout out to one of our District Champs 3176 and our Rookie All Star 6451 for playing along with us!

Safe travels to everyone. No predictions though; I’m too chicken for that!

TechFire 225 is FIRED up to play with everyone on Archimedes, and excited to see some of our friends from MAR in the Archimedes division. :slight_smile:

Team 5847 is super excited to be returning to champs for our second season! Good luck to everybody and be sure to have safe travels!:smiley:

Team 3176, Purple Precision, from Brownsburg Indiana is excited to join all of these great teams on Archimedes. We may have been the Cinderella story at the Indiana State Champs but now we are ready to take Archimedes by storm. Good luck to everyone and we cant wait to see you all in St. Louis!!

TORC is happy to head back to Archimedes this year, can the third time be the charm?

Good Luck to all the teams, and safe journeys to St. Louis!

1058 is very hyped to play with all of you this year, especially our New England friends 348, 558, 1721, 3467 and 3623.

If everyone could upload a picture of their robot to the blue alliance, that would be super useful for anyone pre-scouting.

Team 2611 The Jacktown Vectors are definitely looking forward to this as it is our first time at World’s!

Here’s a little video that our local access TV station put together for our sponsors! Please take a gander!


222 is gearing up for Archimedes.

(extremely biased here with next to no data)
67, 2834 alliance Archimedes subdivision champs? maybe? no? just me? I’ll shut up now.

Anyone know what the replay is about? I turned the stream off after F3 ended.