2017 Arizona West Regional

See you all tomorrow! Didn’t get up here in time to drop off the robot tonight.

Hoping to watch the stream from work, just staring at a wall right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wishing I was there, yay for work being to busy to leave…

Going to miss the event at GCU this year. We will be back next year for sure!

We can’t hear the commentators on the stream, music is way to loud.

Congrats to everyone who won awards and the finalist Alliance 6314,2478,3019 and a huge thank you to 330 and 3255 for picking us and allowing us to show that a 60 pound robot can play defense.

Since archived twitch broadcasts only last 14 days, I split and uploaded video of the matches to this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiMRelV0stOMIuo7VTrMtY-zadbOX6cDz [all matches should be uploaded in a couple of hours after this post]
Kudos to FRC Video Splitter (https://github.com/tytremblay/FRC-Video-Splitter-2). It made the match splitting process much less painful than it used to be!
Credit for the live stream goes to those individuals involved. Plasma Robotics was not involved in this broadcast.
Congrats to all teams that competed in the regional. It was another great event.

Oh…and did I mention. HUGE congrats to 1165 Team Paradise for the Chairman’s win!

And to 4841 Optimal for Engineering Inspiration! on top of the robot win!

and to 6314 Degrees of Freedom for Rookie All Star!

Lots of fun was had at the regional.

Hands down my favorite match of the competition SF1 M2 when we finally got the working and winning strategy 2 rotors in auto 2 rotors in teleop and shutdown defense then 3 hanging robots.


Team #6314 had a great time playing with you and we were honored that we had the chance to play with your team!!!

6314 is actually DM Robotics who won RAS at AZ North.

6413 is Degrees of Freedom who won RAS at AZ West.

Real fun for the FTA when they are on the same alliance and looking at the wrong robot for connection for too long before realizing it…