2017 Bay Area Business/Media Workshops | July 8 & August 26

Teams 2643 and 3501 are excited to be teaming up with students & alumni from other local teams again for our fourth annual set of media workshops (previously hosted by Teams 1967 & 3501)!
This year’s event will be on** Saturday, July 8th from 8am-4:30pm at Santa Teresa High School (6150 Snell Ave, San Jose, CA 95123). **
We’ll be offering a repeat session with the same set of workshops on Saturday, August 26th (also 8am-4:30pm) to accommodate newer members as well as those who wish to attend two different workshops.

All sessions will run concurrently for the full day, so attendees should plan on attending only one for each day.

We’ll be offering the following sessions:

  • 3D Animation
    presented by teams 8, 1868, and 3501[LIST]
  • This session will involve working together as a small group to create a short 3D animation using Autodesk Maya. The skills and process you’ll learn along the way will be useful for FRC safety animations, promo videos, and similar projects.
    Students should bring their own laptop with Maya already installed as well as a three-button mouse; a free student license can be obtained from Autodesk here.


  • Public Relations & Marketing*
    presented by teams 299, 1967, and 4159[LIST]
  • This workshop will focus on how to best represent your team across social media, competition & judging, public demonstration, and inter-team interactions.
    Attendees should bring a notebook or laptop with which to take notes, and are also strongly encouraged to bring materials relevant to their class topic (i.e. business plans, newsletters etc.) for feedback from the instructors.


  • *Business & Finance **
    presented by teams 8 and 1868[LIST]
  • The business workshop covers key financial strategies required to keep an FRC team running: sponsorships and sponsor relations, fundraising, developing a business plan, and writing awards submissions–with an emphasis on the Entrepreneurship Award.
    Attendees should bring a notebook or laptop with which to take notes, and are also strongly encouraged to bring materials relevant to their class topic (i.e. business plans, newsletters etc.) for feedback from the instructors.


  • **Videography **
    presented by teams 254 and 2643[LIST]
  • The videography class will take students through the process of making their own videos. From storyboarding to filming to editing, students will be creating their own short videos. Students should find that they’ll be able to translate such abilities into creating Chairman’s videos along with similar projects.
    *Students should bring their own laptop with Davinci Resolve installed *(available for free here) along with a phone or camera capable of recording video and any necessary cables/storage devices to transfer files from it to your laptop.


  • Graphic & Document Design
    presented by teams 299, 846, and 3501[LIST]
  • The graphic design workshop will go through process, strategies, and theories for designing flyers, newsletters and other visual output for your team in a readable, consistent, attractive manner - and talk about writing for such material too.
    We’ll actually be creating documents during this session, so please bring info and photos of your team so you have material to practice with, as well as a laptop with a trial of Adobe InDesign already installed. Alternatively, if you’re familiar with using Scribus for similar tasks, you may use that instead.


Please note that the workshops will not be recorded due to the hands-on focus.

For lunch, you’ll have the option to order from specific places from the nearby plaza - we’ll provide order forms and collect cash for orders the morning of the event. To see available food options please see this document.
Attendees are, of course, free to bring their own lunch instead.

Since this is an event entirely run by an amazing group of volunteers, we are asking for a recommended donation of $3 at the door (or more if you’re amazing) to go towards volunteer food and event supplies.
You are of course not obligated to, but we will give you our love if you choose to donate!

Please RSVP by emailing Tan Nguyen at tannguyen0072 [at] gmail <dot> com with your team number and the number of students attending each workshop by July 5th (Wednesday) at 12pm.
(We’ll have another invite out closer to the August session.)

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
We’ll send out a follow-up email to all confirmed attendees as the date approaches with additional information and reminders.

Hi everyone!

I’m Tamara from 1967, and I’ll be one of the folks leading the PR/Marketing workshop. I’ve taught this workshop before, so if you have any questions about it just reply on this thread or give me a shout. We’re looking to include more details and activities than before, so even if you have some PR experience already feel free to drop in!

Just as a note, if you have any examples of PR-related media (brochures, social media, branding, etc.) that you’d like us to look over, feel free to bring them and we can discuss with you at the end if there’s time!

Look forward to seeing y’all soon! :smiley: :smiley:

6/28 Update: Our August workshop will be rescheduled (and possibly relocated) due to scheduling conflicts with the SAT tests - it will no longer be on the 26th. We’ll send out the new details as soon as they become available, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Also, those interested in taking the Graphic and Document Design class should also plan on bringing a notebook or paper along with writing utensils to sketch with.

Also, we now now have a signup form:Please RSVP by July 5th at noon!