2017 Bay Area Mechanical Design & SolidWorks Workshop | July 29th


Looking to build better mechanisms or develop your CAD skills during the offseason?
Mentors, alumni, and students from teams 3501, 1678, and 1868 will be running a mechanical design and SolidWorks workshop on Sat July 29th from 8:00-4:00, hosted graciously by GoEngineer in Santa Clara (Building 44, 3350 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054).

We’ll spend the day going in-depth into designing mechanisms strategically for competition and practicing building them in SolidWorks through a mix of lecture and hands-on projects, with the shared perspective of all presenting teams.
Bring your own laptop with SolidWorks installed if you can; otherwise, the first 17-22 people to register will be able to use GoEngineer’s computers which have SolidWorks installed.

Please note this is a single session that runs for the full day - attendees should plan on staying the whole time - and that it will not be recorded due to the focus on interactivity.

For lunch, you’ll have the option to order from nearby cafe Specialty’s, which we’ll have delivered as a group order. We will provide an order link before the event, and collect cash for them the morning of. Seetheir menu here. Otherwise, attendees are free to bring their own lunch instead, but you shouldn’t expect to have time to go out and buy your own.
Please RSVP via this formby July 26th (Wednesday) at 12pm.
Lastly, since this is an event entirely run by an awesome group of volunteers, we are asking for a recommended donation of $3 (or more) at the door to go towards event supplies.

We hope you’ll be able to join us! Let us know if you have any questions about the specifics of the event.
We’ll send out a follow-up email to all registered attendees as the date approaches with additional information and reminders.


Love the idea of this, and thank you for putting it on!

What is the desired and minimum level of experience that a student should have if they plan to attend?


Thanks! Not much - we’re expecting that attendees will probably have at least a basic level of knowledge, i.e. they’ve been to competition and seen what FRC robots tend to be like and what kind of mechanisms tend to be in use, and they know what SolidWorks and CAD are, but we can build up from an introductory level from there. That said, if we end up getting predominantly total beginners or alternately intermediate-level FIRSTers we can backtrack or dive deeper as necessary.


i have a friend that is nearby i will let him know