2017 Bunper Rules?

Hello, my team was looking at the bumper rules at a design meeting. We couldn’t find any gap restrictions except for the 6 inches that must be covered on each corner. Did you guys find the same? Last year there was an 8inch limit. If not could you reference where it’s says so? We don’t want to design our robot around a rule that might be clarified later and leave us in the lurch. Thanks!

Look at R31.

6" covered on each corner of the Frame Perimeter, bumpers are counted in the robot’s volume.

If you need help with determining your Frame Perimeter, feel free to ask–I’ve already seen one illegal design posted, and it’s hard to fix bumper issues of that type after the robot’s built.

One other thing: Last year’s rules do not apply to this year. (Unless they’re repeated in this year’s Manual.)

They went from 8" to 6" no other criteria apart from measures at 7" to define the bumper zone and Starting config.

R31 discusses the gap between the bumper and the frame. What about the gap between one bumper and another bumper, with a gap for fuel intake between the two bumpers?

There are no restrictions on gap between bumper segments, provided that 6" of bumper is on each side of each corner of the Frame Perimeter. I find this by the fact that I see no listed restrictions on that gap.