2017 California Regionals

Thought I’d share the 8 (eight!) regionals in CA for 2017.

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Some new week placements, some new venues (OC at UCI, LA at CSULB)
Should be interesting to see who ends up going where!

We’re pretty excited! Looks like right now we’ll be attending SVR and quite possibly the new SF regional.

We’re smack dab between OC and LA. OC got a larger venue, LA got a smaller one. It’s going to be a tough choice.

Tough choice indeed. I was looking at vacation scheduling… this is going to be “interesting” if I have to do all 4 events again.

Looks like a pretty nice distribution of SoCal and NorCal events.

New San Fran one, nice.

Yep! We’re pretty excited. Our good friends at St. Ignatius (Team 5924) are hosting it, and it seems like it’s going to be awesome. It’s also closer to us geographically than SVR, although we’ll probably go to both.

Looks like we are going to shoot for OC Week 5 and Phoenix Week 6

Why not Arizona North week 2? Avoid the back-to-back grind.

Phoenix is smaller, more play time. Although we did Flagstaff last year and it is a wonderful regional I would recommend to everyone! Padded pit floor… just sayin!

Also looking at Ventura and Phoenix to avoid the back to back regionals. Then I’d be free to volunteer at OCR!

Great, with now two guaranteed #WCBC regionals for four weeks straight during the competition season, my life is complete.

Bummer, the SVR and Sacramento regionals are back to back.

Ditto. Other than this, I’m really happy with the schedule. Great job FIRST crew. Compared to other areas still in Regionals, I think we have a better than average schedule. Big thanks to the RDs.


So happy there are no Week 1 regionals this year in our state.

With 8 regionals in the state, it’d be nice to have a week 1.

Looks like a district schedule already… just missing a couple of Week 1s

No Week 6 either.
There could be some wiggle room if they used both. Other than that, it’s a decent schedule.

Would Californians want a San Luis Obispo or Paso Robles event? I know there are not a ton of teams in that area, but we have found in Michigan that having an event in an area can help create more teams. If those places don’t work out, what about Fresno?

I had assumed that Cal Polytech in SLO might have some good FIRST Alum support.

We’d definitely be interested :wink:

There was talk with the school around 2008 of hosting an event, but that fizzled out and the local group (us) haven’t made any efforts to push that further.

Yes, I would like a Cal Poly SLO regional