2017 Central Valley Regional

Didn’t see a thread yet so I thought I would make one. Leave any discussion about the event here.

5817 is really looking forward to playing with our friends and seeing many good robots. This should be a fun event!

The kids made awesome decisions when designing the robot functions this year. Looks like they hit a home run

Ground base pickup of gears, stressing a quick action release for the gear. A large hopper for dumping fuel, super fast intake for ground pickup of fuel, multiple autonomous modes, full length hook and Velcro roller positioned up high on the robot. They built two robots and are practicing daily.

Watch out for 4543


Team 4276 is looking forward to trying out a new regional this year.

Competition looks fierce.

BTW, is this Players BBQ any good???

In store it’s very good… their catering at events is not as good.

I got the pleasure of watching your drive team practice on Sunday, and you’re not exaggerating. Solid driving plus a solid pickup system, I really think you guys will be a power player.

I heard from some coworkers that players is under new management and is not as good as it used to be.

Our robot sucks so we’re going to take the entire thing apart as soon as we get there and use the 30 pound allowance to make some UPGRADES :slight_smile:

(hopefully it doesn’t take us all day to put it back together)

Did anyone else just see this? I’m not crazy right?



shhhh!!! meow everyone can see it!

What match was this? Was this a two gear auto or just two gears placed on a lift before it went up?

Based off how the events been going and how many teams can put up gears in auto, I’d say almost definitely in teleop.

1323 had to do it in a match because the others two pegs couldn’t hold a gear without it sliding off. The field is so broken at this event… it’s not the field personnel’s fault - they’re all great - but I feel bad for the teams who paid $5000-$6000 to get 9 matches on a field that doesn’t perform to spec.

We had a match where we scored a gear 5-6 times on 2 different pegs and the gears fell off mid travel every time… We ended up placing the gear NP on the 3rd spring available. The FTA apologized for the issue and said he didn’t have enough springs to swap them out.

Good times.

Gotta love Steamworks man

It’s been under new management for awhile. Hybrid XL was still the best sandwich on planet earth last time we went there. Apparently its not very good catered (makes sense, BBQ is not a food that sits/transports well).

I was just in Madera 2 weeks ago visiting our office there. Every month for safety meetings they would get players catered but since the new management took over they haven’t anymore. I was there about 2 years ago myself. And my coworkers implied it had changed ownership one more time.

Congratulations to 1678, 1323, and 2135 for winning the 2017 Central Valley Regional, and 5104, 4276, and 4255 for being finalists! Thank you guys for the great quarterfinals matches, for a second there I thought we were gonna win one :yikes:

Also congrats to 1868 for Chairman’s, 1323 for Engineering Inspiration, 6305 for RAS, and Sophie Brodish from 1671 and Andrew Farrow from 980 for DL!

Thanks to our alliance partners 294 and 5134 for not giving up and scoring some of the highest playoff points at the event. We had an awesome time playing with you all and learning how Steamworks works. We’re looking forward to seeing 4276 and 5134 again at Orange County week 5!

Sounds like a great event (apart from the pegs) I’ll be volunteering at Orange County and see some of you from Central Valley up close, I miss Central Valley , but this season was the same week as San Diego which was also stacked this year , congrats to all the winners/awardees in CV ,sure we’ll be up again in them thar parts soon. We had fun up there last year and love seeing the teams from the North.

Yeah we missed you guys this year! Come say hi to us and check out our bot when you get a chance. Are you going to be refereeing again?

Well you’ll see :slight_smile: I’ll definitely stop by and see your bot/team . Watch us in Ventura this week should be great event now that we figured things out. We have to stop this finish building at the 6 wk bell stuff.