[2017] Chairman's Preview: Week Seven

This is it folks-- we’re nearing the end. Two District Championships and a single regional, and then it’s the Championships. Look for previews of Houston and St. Louis on the same update schedule we’ve been on all season (other than this week)-- Wednesday nights. I’m still reading through all the essays, but from what I’ve seen so far it will be yet another year of pushing the bar higher. Without further ado, the previews:

Oh Michigan State Championship, so many teams, so little time. No less than 23 teams will be vying for 5 Chairman’s Awards, and it is just about anyone’s guess who those five will be. If Michigan has proven anything at past State Championships, it’s that anything can happen. Some of the teams most likely to take it home may include 1718, who has taken home District-level awards since 2011, 68, who last took home the DCMP Chairman’s in 2014 but has a long streak of District-level Chairman’s awards, or 66, who won it here last year. It’s also possible we’ll see **548 **bring home a banner, with their long history with the award, though they haven’t won it at the DCMP since 2011. **2604 **might make a good case for their first win with a streak back to 2014 of DCAs, though **2834 **has a similar streak and they brought it home here last year. Also competing are 217, 245, 3641, 3767, 1025, 226, 5114, 2619, 3572, 4967, 2771, and last year’s Champs **3618 **as well as first-timers 3875, 2832, 1189, 4377, and 3175. Honestly, it is extremely hard to even guess who is going to be winning it here. All we know is that there will be 5 very deserving and very happy teams on Saturday.

The first-ever Ontario Provincial Championship will see some fierce competition for FIRST’s highest awards-- with some of the most successful Chairman’s teams in the world competing for one of three Chairman’s Awards. If there is anything of a front-runner here, it is likely to be 1305, with their streak going back to 2013 and a massive seven prior Regional Chairman’s wins, in addition to 10 (!) Engineering Inspiration wins. Hot on their heels though for the title is 1241, whose streak goes back to 2014 and has won the award 5 times, in addition to 7 EI wins. Talk about titans. In addition to these two, we’ll have quite a few of the one and two-time winners-- top of this pack is 2056, who has 3 prior RCA wins, followed by a number of teams with a single RCA win-- 4039, 1325, and **772 **are all in this category. We also have a few first time-ever winners, such as **1285 **and 5024.

What does the final regional of the 2017 season look like? The Seven Rivers Regional will be the final opportunity for teams competing in regionals to qualify for a Championship-- and it looks like there will be quite a bit of competition. We have previous winners from Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio in attendance, and though a number of these teams have already punched their respective tickets to St. Louis, that doesn’t mean there’s any less desire to win. The likely leader for this event is 1306, who last won an RCA in 2015, though they’ve taken home three total, plus an EI in Milwaukee last year. The other most recent winner in 2826, who won their last banner also in 2015, but in Minneapolis. In our “long trips” group, we’ve also got **1986 **coming up from Missouri, having last won in 2014, and **48 **coming in hot from Ohio with an Engineering Inspiration Award already won this season, in addition to a few historical RCA wins. Also attending will be 2194, who brought home a first Engineering Inspiration award last year at North Star. We can’t wait to see who secures their spot competing for Chairman’s in St. Louis

Here are the MSC winners

66 - Grizzly Robotics
245 - Adambots
548 - Robostangs
1718 - The Fighting Pi
2834 - Bionic Black Hawks