[2017] Chairman's Preview: Week Three

We’re looking forward to week three, as we’re seeing a lot of last year’s winners competing for Chairman’s for the first time this year!

Other than 1515, who picked up Chairman’s banners in 2014, 2013, and 2010, there aren’t any real Chairman’s favorites in Ventura. This could open the door for up and comers **1622 **to pick up their second RCA after winning in Idaho last year. **1138 **hasn’t won since 2011, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pick up right where they left off. **2576 **could hope to punch their ticket to Houston by following up on their 2014 RCA. Finally, for a second-year team with the potential to start a Chairman’s streak (2486 won an RCA in their first year of eligibility!), look to 5857, whose international outreach caught the eye of the Rookie Inspiration judges last year in San Diego.

Central Illinois Regional has some serious competition both from instate and coming from the rest of the midwest. We’ll be seeing the teams that have won this award at two previous CIR-- **2220 **in 2016 and **2039 **in 2015. We’ll also be seeing the Minnesota team with the most Chairman’s Awards prior to this year coming down-- 2169, who has taken home five RCAs but hasn’t brought home a banner since 2014. A winner from last year, 2338, will be making their way to Peoria as well-- they’re on a two year win streak, which is hotter than anyone else in attendance. From Wisconsin, 2826 will also be in contention-- they’ve only taken home Chairman’s hardware on odd years so far, so we’ll see if that continues. On the outside, we’ve got 2081, who took home EI here last year, and may be looking to upgrade, having taken home 4 EI awards up to now. Also in Peoria will be HOF team 111, Wildstang.

The favorite by far to take home the Greater Kansas City Regional is most certainly 1710, who has a streak going all the way back to 2012 of Chairman’s Award after Chairman’s Award. Following them however, there are a few programs who have picked up in the last couple of years in this department. Among those is 1764, who took home their first-ever Chairman’s Award last year at this event and will be looking to defend their title. **1986 **and **1987 **also took home Engineering Inspiration Awards last year, though both have taken home Chairman’s hardware in the past. In attendance here also will be a previous winner from this season-- 624.

Two of the most decorated Chairman’s teams not to be inducted in the hall of fame will be attending the Finger Lakes Regional: 1511, who is on a recent upswing with a three year streak and 7 wins overall, and 340, who has eight total RCA wins, but hasn’t taken home an award since 2014. Other than those two, not many teams at Finger Lakes have taken home a culture change award recently other than 2638, who took home an RCA here last year, and 3015, who took one home at Greater Pittsburgh. Last year also saw **639 **and **870 **take home Engineering Inspiration awards, which they may be looking to upgrade. This event also has HOF team **191 **in attendance.

The other regional happening in New York this weekend, New York Tech Valley Regional, has a little less firepower in attendance-- we’re looking at 3990, who took home their first-ever Chairman’s Award last year at Festival de Robotique, as well as a Championship EI award, as a clear leader, but last year’s winners, 229, will certainly have their say. **358 **also has a history with the award, though they haven’t taken home a culture change award since 2013 at Long Island. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see someone not on our radar pop through with a win.

The Greater Pittsburgh Regional is going to be a breakout year for someone-- other than Hall of Fame teams **359 **and 144, there just aren’t many teams with RCA or EI history at this event. The standouts here are 3504, who took home an RCA in 2015 and an EI award last year, and 291, who has taken home Chairman’s hardware 3 times previously, last in 2013. We might also see 3260, who brought back an EI award here last year, bring it home. Or we might see a newcomer break through.

Lone Star Central has a few teams to look at-- top of that list in the only team in attendance who took home an RCA last year, 1477. This year **3847 **has already taken home an Engineering Inspiration Award, and we might see them upgrade that hardware. One other team took home an EI last year, and that’s 2881, who might be in the running as well. On the outside, the last time **118 **took home a Chairman’s Award was 2010, but they’re a hard team to count out if they’re making a solid push for the award. It’s hard to shake the feeling that this might be a good opportunity for someone not on our radar to break out in judging.

The South Pacific Regional is in an interesting position-- many of the teams here competed only a few days ago at the Southern Cross Regional, which took place at the same venue. With **3132 **out of the picture, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see **4613 **take home a Chairman’s Award at the end of their almost 9 straight days of competition. Other than them, this is a team with a great number of very young teams, many of whom will surely be looking to break through and take home some hardware.

Few teams attending the inaugural San Francisco Regional or even in FIRST as a whole, have as impressive of a Chairman’s history as 604, who have won the award every single year since 2007 with only one break (in 2009, and are we sure there was even a competition that year?). Though they are the clear favorite, **812 **revived their 3 RCAs from 2005-2008 with a fourth last year in nearby Central Valley, which could point to the beginnings of a new streak. **1700 **and **4159 **have had recent EI success, and are going to be gunning for an RCA. Finally, while **3256 **and **2035 **may not have as deep a history as 604 with the award, they’ve both won it in recent years.

Feel like we missed someone? Want to give a shoutout or correct us on something? Feel free to comment, and good luck to all the teams competing this weekend!

I’m wondering with all the Chairman’s data that you track can you tell me which teams have won a Regional Chairman’s Award in their second year as a team? Thanks!

For all teams ever or from this year?

If you’re looking for data from this year, I think you can look through the spreadsheet and see if any teams were rookies last year. For long-term data, I’d use the Blue Alliance API – it’s been pretty easy to use in my experience.

Side note: I’m saying this as one of the people that’s worked on these spreadsheets in the past (though not this year). The data is crowdsourced and pulled from TBA anyway – there isn’t any special source that these guys have access to, and everything is public on the spreadsheet.

Side side note: I think it’s getting a lot harder to win Chairman’s Awards as a second-year team. The Executive Summary specifically asks for data on the past 2-5 years, and while second-year teams technically fit in there, older teams simply have more content to put in there. As a result, younger teams will naturally have less content than similar older teams, and when you combine this with growing numbers of teams everywhere, it’s getting pretty difficult to win as a younger team. However, this isn’t to say that younger teams shouldn’t submit or can’t win (there are Chairman’s “upsets” every year), and I’m more than happy to take a look at anyone’s submission whenever (just PM me).

Because the members of our team had so much history in the younger first programs, as well as tons of community outreach and service, we were able to do this in our second year at East Kentwood (2015)

We were curious about how many teams had managed it but all is a lot to look through and it makes sense that it gets harder each year with more teams, so we could narrow our scope to second year teams that had won in the past few years…

It’s a pretty exclusive club, especially over the last few years. Here’s the whole list, going all the way back to the beginning (other than 1992/93, where everyone was a first year team or rookie):

South Pacific Regional 2017 Winner: 
	Project Bucephalus,5985,Wollongong,New South Wales,Australia,2016
Western Canada Regional 2015 Winner: 
	SWAT Bots Robotics,5015,Airdrie,Alberta,Canada,2014
NE District - Reading Event 2015 Winner: 
	Andromeda One,4905,Ayer,Massachusetts,USA,2014
FIM District - Kentwood Event 2015 Winner: 
	That ONE Team-OurNextEngineers,4967,Belmont,Michigan,USA,2014
PNW District - Shorewood Event 2015 Winner: 
PNW FIRST Robotics Oregon City District Event 2014 Winner: 
Dallas West Regional sponsored by jcpenney 2012 Winner: 
	Spectrum   -△◅,3847,Houston,Texas,USA,2011
Minnesota 10000 Lakes Regional 2012 Winner: 
	The Stampede,3630,Golden Valley,Minnesota,USA,2011
Utah Regional co-sponsored by NASA and Platt 2012 Winner: 
Florida Regional 2011 Winner: 
Hawaii Regional sponsored by BAE Systems 2011 Winner: 
	Thunder Down Under,3132,Sydney,New South Wales,Australia,2010
Greater Kansas City Regional 2011 Winner: 
Buckeye Regional 2011 Winner: 
	Innovators Robotics,3138,Dayton,Ohio,USA,2010
Hawaii Regional sponsored by BAE Systems 2010 Winner: 
	Team Magma,3008,Honolulu,Hawaii,USA,2009
Arizona Regional 2009 Winner: 
New York City Regional 2009 Winner: 
	The Saunders Droid Factory ,2344,Yonkers,New York,USA,2008
Chesapeake Regional 2007 Winner: 
	Rex,1727,Lutherville Timonium,Maryland,USA,2006
GM/Technion Israel Regional 2006 Winner: 
	Hamosad,1657,Kibutz E'in Shemer,HaZafon (Northern),Israel,2005
Greater Toronto Regional 2005 Winner: 
Detroit Regional 2004 Winner: 
	RoboRavens,1188,Royal Oak,Michigan,USA,2003
Peachtree Regional 2004 Winner: 
	The CircuitRunners,1002,Marietta,Georgia,USA,2003
Greater Toronto Regional 2004 Winner: 
	Fast Eddie Robotics,1006,Port Perry,ON,Canada,2003
Lone Star Regional 2004 Winner: 
	Panther Robotics,1108,Paola,Kansas,USA,2003
Pacific Northwest Regional 2003 Winner: 
National Championship 1997 Winner: 
	Chief Delphi,47,Pontiac,MI,USA,1996

Disclaimer: I’m pulling this from The Blue Alliance, so the accuracy is limited by them. I’m pretty sure it’s accurate, but it’s possible I missed some edge conditions or something. If I missed anyone, let me know!

Thanks! This will be great for us to look at!