[2017] Chairman's Preview: Week Two

Welcome to the week two Chairman’s Preview! Nick and I are proud to bring you the next batch of teams we believe to be in contention for the most prestigious award in FIRST, the Chairman’s Award. If you have any tips or information on any teams listed here or coming up, please let us know through PM. Without further ado,

Plenty of teams are vying for the Chairman’s Award at this year’s Arkansas Rock City regional as Hall of Fame team **16 **looks on. Recently, **2080 **has risen to prime position among the competitors, with three wins in the past four years. They’re far from uncontested, however; **1764 **won their first RCA in Stronghold after an EI streak from 2010-2012. 1912 could return from a dry spell of Chairman’s awards, their last being from 2013. Two younger teams also have a shot at the award - 5006 and 5454, who both took home Engineering Inspiration awards in their first years of eligibility. Finally, **3337 **will try to prove that their 2015 win was not just a flash in the pan.

Among the many teams attending Arizona North, one sticks out among the rest: 2486, who have won an RCA every single year they’ve been eligible except one (that’s 7 banners), and are certainly hoping to join fellow attendant **842 **to be the second HoF team from Arizona. The ‘Nuts aren’t without competition, though. Though they weren’t able to take home any culture change hardware last year, 1011 did hold an impressive EI streak from 2012-2015 that culminated in an RCA at Arizona East 2015. 3309 will be trying to follow up the success they found at Los Angeles last year, and 4135 and 3019 are both looking to upgrade the EI’s they won in the Stronghold season. Finally, don’t count 2375 out, who took home their first RCA in 2015.

The San Diego Regional is looking to be a competitive one this year for the Chairman’s Award. Visiting teams **399 **and **3476 **have history with the award, having both won it twice in the past few years. They will face fierce competition from local teams, however. Team **1622 **upgraded their three EI awards to an RCA last year in Idaho, and **812 **revived their RCA success from 2005-2008 last year in Central Valley. Though they have not had much recent success with Culture Change awards, don’t be surprised if **1266 *resurrects their successes from 2005-2014, in which they won 3 RCA’s and 5 EI’s. 2485 broke through with two Engineering Inspiration awards last year, and will look to keep up that momentum in STEAMworks. Finally, 3128 is looking to upgrade their EI from last year to a banner. 2013 HoF winners 1538 will also be in attendance after taking a break from San Diego last year.

Though many teams at the Orlando Regional have a history with the Chairman’s Award, three stick out as favorites: 233, 1902, and 4013. The Pink Team won their first RCA in a few years last year, and are undoubtedly looking to secure a berth at their Championship at what might be their last tournament of the season. Exploding Bacon hasn’t had a year without an RCA or EI since 2012, and Clockwork Mania has a great shot at adding a third RCA to their collection, with their streak of culture-change awards going back to 2014. 180, an old face on the field but a new one to the RCA, won their first Chairman’s hardware last year. Finally, 4481 could take home the first blue banner for a team from the Netherlands, after an EI in 2014 and 2015.

The **Shenzhen **Regional, with dozens of rookies, has less historical favorites than the other events. **4613 **is the only team here with a Chairman’s Award history, so the field is fairly open for a new star to rise. This star could be 5839, who won the Rookie All Star Award at Ventura last year. Who knows what might happen at the first regional in China?

The historic** St. Louis** regional has a a number of realistic contenders for taking home the big one-- **3248 **might be the most likely, with a streak of three RCAs going back to 2014 at this regional, but they’ll face some serious competition coming from both the north and the south. From the north, we’ll see **537 **coming down from Wisconsin, hot off a win at the regional with the same name last year and a win at Queen City in 2015. We’ll see if they can break their recent pattern on 2 years on and a year off when it comes home to taking home a Chairman’s banner. From the southwest, we’ll see **932 **coming up from Oklahoma-- they have the most historical Chairman’s wins with 6, and are also coming in with a two-year win streak. **1939 **also took home their first RCA last year, and will certainly be looking to repeat. There’s also a few teams from Milwaukee coming down that haven’t taken home Chairman’s hardware for a few years, but could realistically have a shot-- those would be **1675 **and 1732. Oddly enough, this event doesn’t have a ton of recent EI history-- the most likely team, perhaps, to upgrade may be 4329.

Visiting the Dallas Regional are two stellar South American teams, **2576 **and 1860, who both have had recent Chairman’s success. They’ll face stiff competition from in-state favorite 2468, whose Championship Engineering Inspiration last year could mean further success in STEAMworks. Finally, **31 **are looking to claim Dallas as their territory, having won the banner here last year.

If you had shown us the list of teams attending Utah last year, we would’ve told you that **987 **was the clear lock for Chairman’s. Now that they’re Hall of Fame, there’s room for a lot of new players. Teams **1619 **and **2403 **won their first RCAs in 2016, and will both be looking to start a streak here. **2996 **is on a culture change award streak, with RCAs in 2013-2014 and EIs in 2015-2016. **1891 **and **3374 **haven’t won Chairman’s Awards since 2011 and 2013 respectively, but both have the programs to start winning them again. Finally, **4334 **haven’t won a Chairman’s banner since 2014, but are always contenders.

The Central Valley Regional this year has two frontrunners for the Chairman’s award - **1671 **and 1868, the latter of which having taken home 5 Chairman’s banners in the past 6 years. But those teams aren’t without competition. **3256 **is hoping to continue where they left off with two RCAs from 2014-2015, and **2761 **has a chance at starting a streak after their win at Orange County last year. For two teams without RCAs under their belt, look to **980 **and 5817. The Thunderbots’ Engineering Inspiration last year could point to an upgrade this year, and Uni-Rex’s stellar double Rookie All Star could mean an RCA in their future.

The Southern Cross Regional is a bit shallow for Chairman’s favorites this year. With only two team numbers below 4000, most teams here are relative newcomers. One team is the clear favorite for the Chairman’s Award here: 3132. What other team can say they started FIRST on an entire continent? 3132 can’t slack, however; **4613 **will be looking to follow up the RCA success they had last year at the Australia regional. By the time this regional happens, though, they could have already won at the Shenzhen Regional. If that happens, look for a newcomer to rise up the challenge and take home an award.

The Miami Valley Regional manages to feature a very long list of teams with history with the award, without any that have won it in 2016. This is 379’s year to step up - though they haven’t won an RCA since their first in 2004, they have won four EI’s in that time, including one in 2015 and 2016 each. A team with an even deeper EI history is 337, who have won the award six times, in addition to RCA’s in 2013 and 2009. **63 **and **48 **are both old favorites who haven’t produced many Chairman’s banners in a while. **3260 **and **3324 **are both newer faces to the scene, hoping to continue the success they had with Engineering Inspiration last year. 3138 has had mixed success with the award, but could prove themselves come Saturday. Finally, **2738 **could pick up where they left off with an RCA in 2015, the most recent of any team here.

Let us know what you think. We’re excited to honor the amazing teams that have done so much for the FIRST community.

*note: to avoid bias, as I am from 2485, Nick wrote any part of the prediction having to do with my team.

Thanks for the mention! Looking forward to competing this weekend! :slight_smile:

I think that should be 4329!

1939 actually had our second Chairman’s win last year at Queen City. Our first was at Arkansas in 2014. Thanks for the shout out though! We are excited to compete in St. Louis.

There’s actually a dark horse Chairman’s EI team at Flagstaff that might take one of the two awards Saturday afternoon. 4841 has an EI under their belt and has really grown in their community.


Always enjoy reading these but why no mention of Ryerson? :frowning:

We unfortunately don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to take on individual district events in these previews. We will be previewing the district championships, though. If you have some insights, feel free to PM me!

Yes, their program is inspiring many people, expect them to be a top competitor for the banner.

I believe you guys have a pretty good shot at it for the Ryerson event.